Barcelona Happy Hour Overview

Belchica - Bar in Barcelona

The saying “It’s five o’clock somewhere” really doesn’t apply to Barcelona -- in fact, it would be more appropriate to change it to ten o’clock since that's when the people typically eat, drink, and enjoy happy hour in Barcelona.

Many bars and restaurants don’t even open up until 7 or 8pm after their afternoon siesta, so it’s normal for the busiest times of the night to be 10 or 11pm. Luckily for Barcelona’s bar-goers, the venues cooperate with the lifestyle, and many places like Absenta offer happy hours that end as late as midnight and offer beers as cheap as one euro.

In addition to nightly drink specials, many restaurants offer a lunchtime happy hour or “Menu del Dia,” which offers food and drink specials from around 1pm to 4pm. One such popular spot for tourists is Rosa Negra, a fantastic Mexican restaurant with two locations in the city center.

For a more classic happy hour experience, head to Flaherty’s Irish Pub before 8pm on weekdays to enjoy five beers and a plate of nachos for only ten euros.

While it may seem at first glance like Barcelona isn’t a good place for happy hour, the Catalan schedule combined with the number of tourists demanding drink specials has blended perfectly to create the opportunity to enjoy happy hour in Barcelona all day long.

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