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Brunch is perhaps the perfect meal. Early enough in the day to still rationalize eating breakfast, late enough to justify that towering burger, or perhaps precariously perched during that magical hour where bacon, eggs, and a burger can all share the same plate. Despite the hours that Barcelona tends to operate under, the tradition of brunch has managed to transcend the Spanish lifestyle and buck the trend of eating at absurdly late times. With “menu del dias” at quality restaurants all over town, brunch in Barcelona comes in many shapes and sizes and is sure to be delicious as well as easy on the wallet.

“Menu del dia” or “menu of the day” is a popular afternoon option that many restaurants and cafés offer their hungry patrons. Typically a starter, entrée, and drink are offered at a discounted price. Luckily, there are a variety of restaurants that do this such as the Mexican staple Rosa Negra or the 50’s American style diner Bernie’s Diner. Still, for a more traditional brunch, head to Flahery’s Irish Pub for an English breakfast or pie.

If Spanish or Catalan food is too much to pass up, Oviso is one of the best options in Barcelona for brunch. A centrally located restaurant and bar that serves authentic and tasty food at incredible prices; it’s certainly one of the best places to grab a bite during the late morning and early afternoon.

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