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Barceloneta Beach With Port Olimpic and all of its bars, restaurants, and casinos right next door, Barceloneta Beach has become one of Europe's top destination beaches and is the only place to be on hot sunny days. Barcelona Spain 41.370402 2.1888434
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Barceloneta Beach - Beach | Outdoor Activity in Barcelona.
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Party Earth Review With Port Olimpic and all of its bars, restaurants, and casinos right next door, Barceloneta Beach has become one of Europe’s top destination beaches and is the only place to be on hot sunny days. Located... ... read full review

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Party Earth Barceloneta Beach Review

The Scene

With Port Olimpic and all of its bars, restaurants, and casinos right next door, Barceloneta Beach has become one of Europe's top destination beaches and is the only place to be on hot sunny days.

With Port Olimpic and all of its bars, restaurants, and casinos right next door, Barceloneta Beach has become one of Europe’s top destination beaches and is the only place to be on hot sunny days.

Located in one of Barcelona’s oldest neighborhoods, the beach offers all of the expected amusements as well as a terrific view of the busy port.

Seasoned beach bums and vacationing sun worshippers flock to the beach to relax on the golden sand and take cooling dips in the Mediterranean, but there’s always much more going on than meets the eye.

Everyone from hippies and groups of bongo players to enthusiasts of beach tennis and volleyball show up to create a young and lively atmosphere that’s hard to resist.

Plenty of Spain’s beloved chiringuitos (beach bars) line the boardwalk and serve up sangria and cocktails to those in need of shade and refreshment, while nearer to Port Olimpic, patrons can lie back on the terraces of plush lounges like Carpe Diem Lounge Club (CDLC) and Shoko.

Beachgoers who can’t sit still can join the hundreds of strollers, rollerbladers, bikers, skateboarders, and dog-walkers who spend the day parading up and down the Passeig Maritim boulevard.

When the sun goes down, there’s no need to pack up and leave – sunbathers can always throw on a sweater and join one of the many energetic international groups that gather to enjoy the evening breeze, the party atmosphere, and a bit of guitar and percussion music.

And Barceloneta Beach isn’t just for summer anymore, either – the area is also fast becoming a winter surfing hotspot, so interested surfers should grab their boards and wet suits and hit the waves.

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Tip from Lucas:

There’s not much point in packing drinks for the beach, because vendors pass by every five minutes selling cold beverages at supermarket prices.

  • Crowd

    All types of all ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Tanning, people-watching, and beach sports by day; picnics, beach parties, and clubbing by night.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Supermarkets, bars, and restaurants line the streets. Lazy beachgoers can buy refreshments for only €1–€2 (negotiable) from the beach vendors. Sunbathers should keep an eye on their belongings at all times.

  • Prices

    Umbrella/beach chair rental €5. Massage €5/ten minutes. Since this is a tourist hotspot, patrons can expect to pay a bit more for everything at the bars and restaurants.

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  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Weekends and afternoons are busiest at the beach. Evenings draw a crowd for pre-party drinks at the bars and clubbing later on.

  • Close By

    Passeig Maritim is the strip that runs along the beach and is home to a plethora of shops, bars, clubs, and restaurants.

    Bike rentals are available at Biciclot (Passeig Maritim, 33-35), while boarders can rent equipment from Box 220 surf shop

    For refreshment, try Princesa 23 Beach Bar or one of the hip lounges near Port Olimpic. More beaches lie beyond the port.

Barceloneta Beach User Reviews

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Beach and the City
Jannah R. Oct 9, 2013
Barcelona's famous beach, Barceloneta, is a little slice of heaven. Just a short walk from the centre the beach has the most fantastic view looking back on the busy city, contrasting the calmness of the sea. Be warned, the beach can get really busy in the summer (and with good reason!) and there are the obvious promoters and cold drinks salesmen doing their rounds but further down the beach towards the 'Golden Fish' you should be able to find a sandy spot to soak up some rays. The beach is a definite must see of Barcelona!
Perfect spot for true beach lovers
laura a. May 20, 2013
True beach lovers will enjoy this beach. If you’re looking for a high-end, let’s not get sandy and look pretty experience, you’re at the wrong place. It is perfect for lounging after a long night. The water is good but nothing to run home about, best for cooling off. The "people scene" is difficult to pinpoint, there is such a wide mix of cultures. There are locals who pull of being topless and wearing speedos as naturally as brushing their teeth, American co-eds who bravely step out of their comfort zone and tan topless and people from all across the world soaking up those hot rays. Where else can you lie on the beach and ladies walk around asking if you want a massage? If you’re lucky you’ll run into Barceloneta's most famous male duo, who walk up and down the beach stark naked unfazed by gawking tourists. Many bars and cafes right on the water and at night it becomes wild!
The most dynamic, beautiful destination in Barcelona
Samantha M. Apr 30, 2013
Barceloneta is the perfect beach to soak up some sun rays or work up a sweat. The long beach is accompanied by a concrete walkway that is great for long strolls, bike rides, running, or roller blading. If you're more into relaxing and laying out, the beachfront bars are the perfect stop to have a drink in the evening and a delicious meal of fresh fish after your day out. Once the sun goes down this adventurous destination transforms into a club scene that is second to none. The beach front restaurants become some of the hottest clubs in world. Anyone who has been to Barcelona has at least heard of Opium Mar, the biggest club on the beach. Its huge indoor and outdoor VIP areas have been known to be filled with celebraties and high rollers. Whether you're trying to hangout during the day or party at night, Barceloneta should be your first stop when arriving in Spain.
Allison M. Feb 4, 2013
People rave about the enticing sun and warm atmosphere, but it's somewhat of a letdown. Don't get me wrong the party scene is fantastic at night. However, in the daylight hours the beach is far too crowded to enjoy. My suggestion is to walk a little further down to the less crowded areas. During the night it's an instant hit. The beach is in full swing. The drinks are expensive so pre game but other than that, the clubs are nice and the people are fun. Oh and don't forget the barcelona hours, the party don't start till two am.
nice beach
Sam R. Dec 13, 2012
Barcelona is a good place for partying, and the beach just shows it. Its a place to go and have a beach day coz its nice in the sun and everyone goes there. At the hostel we’d form a group every morning to go to the beach, so there are lots of tourists during the day. In the evening its the party area. Barcelonans live their life on this beach, party until late crash at home and come to the beach in the afternoon when they wake up. Maybe just a stereotype, but it makes sense coz its what I'd do here.
Fun but really packed
Jody P. Dec 12, 2012
Now that I live in Barcelona, I almost never go to Barceloneta to go to the beach. However, if you are a tourist or just arriving, you should definitely check it out. The beach is completely packed in the summertime so you have to get there early if you want to find a place to put your towel down. Be careful there and don't take anything too valuable (or your passport) to the beach - just the things you need. The pickpockets target this area and your things will walk away if you aren't careful. The beach itself is beautiful. There are a ton of good seafood places right off the beach or you can eat at one of the chiringuitos or restaurants actually on the beach. You can bring food and drink but there are people (illegally) selling drinks (water, soda, beer) for really cheap. The mediterranean sea is beautiful. In my opinion, you can go further north and find better, less packed beaches. However, if you are staying downtown, Barceloneta is going to be very convenient and you will have a nice beach day.
Beach at its best
amal s. Nov 18, 2012
Forget the atmosphere or the cafes or even the people, the water of this beach is to dive in and splash with all the energy you have. This crystal clear blue water is just the perfect way to ease off the heat of Barcelona and also a treat for the eyes. Beach lovers can easily spend a whole day here on the lovely warm sand, or rather in the cold, refreshing water.
A tourist retreat by day- A locals' party by night
Rose M. Sep 29, 2012
Listen up, Barceloneta Beach gets a whole 'lotta hype but there's no clear consensus as to why it's THE beach to visit. TOURISTS enjoy Barceloneta Beach because of the accessibility: there's a self-titled "Barceloneta" metro stop just a hop, skip and a jump away. How easy is that? Furthermore, the walk from the metro to the beach is pleasant, what with the palm tree-lined sidewalks giving some much-needed reprieve from the sun and the slew of restaurants, bars and cafes leading the way to the sand. Along with the convenience of nearby beach bars, men weave in and out of beach bums to sell euro beer, and .50 coconuts. (Daring American) Tourists find Barceloneta Beach an intriguing treat because of the attached nude beach- oo lala- and night clubs! (Be sure to check out club Opium! You won't regret it!) Most tourists, in fact, don't even realize that the entirety of Barceloneta Beach is man-made (Beach bums such as myself can tell immediately- the sand is sometimes similar to the texture of dirt). Suffice it to say, Barceloneta is always packed and people-watching is a must! Let's get to the LOCALS! Locals enjoy Barceloneta Beach at NIGHT, when the crowds have retreated and a spliff, cheap beer and a drum circle are shared. Barceloneta Beach is THE place to go after the "early clubs" close- the wide open black sky, crashing waves and a significant distance from La Guardia. Most locals get their sun-kicks elsewhere- traveling to Mar Bella or Nova Mar Bella. The truth is, like many places in Barcelona, Barceloneta Beach is a haven for thieves. They grab your purse or camera while you're taking a dip, or even as you're sitting right next to your belongings and sprint down the beach, zig-zagging in and out of crowds. Locals are privy to woes of leering Barcelonta Burglars, and tend to travel South- spending a sunny weekend in Costa Brava, instead. By day, Barceloneta Beach is for the young at heart! The types of people who aren't bothered by big crowds, loud chatter, and shameless soliciting by men with bags o' beer. You'll enjoy the beach bars (albeit overpriced), sand castles, and shimmering Mediterranean. By night, Barceloneta Beach is for the adventurous hippies! All you need is a cheap beer, a dude with dreads and tattoos playing guitar, and an affinity for privacy. You will find something you love about Barceloneta Beach, whether the sun's up or the moon's out.
Fun during the day - but a Night time destination
Nick T. Aug 30, 2012
In terms of the beach itself, it's pretty awesome. It's hard to find nice sandy beaches in Europe, let alone ones this huge and in such a major city. Definitely fun during the day as it is super crowded. The only downside is the constant soliciting by the locals for really anything. While the day is fun, the nightclubs along the boardwalk are where the real fun happens. Every night there will be one or two "featured" clubs that will be absolutely packed and often require a name on their lists. Definitely a spot to check out if you are at all into the clubbing or dancing scene. Pretty international crowd with a lot of study abroad students so if you are looking for an authentic Spanish experience it might be wise to look elsewhere, but I would recommend giving it a try regardless as it is THE thing to do in Barcelona - at least for college-aged kids.
Great for a more upbeat time at the beach!
Mahika G. Aug 8, 2012
Rated as one of the best urban beaches in the world, Barceloneta beach is one of the most crowded beaches in the city. It's packed with tourists looking to lay in the sun, play in the perfect water, kick around a soccer ball, or buy a cheap mojito or beer from a walking salesman. It's a lively, upbeat place, complete with music from street performers and the chatter of kids, families, young travelers in their early 20s to thirties, couples, and more. I wouldn't go here looking for a nice relaxing nap on the beach, but I would definitely go to meet some new people and have a more energetic time. There are people walking around selling everything from soda, beer, and water, to henna tattoos and massages, so you're bound to find something you like if you don't want to spend a little more money at the more touristy chiringuitos along the beach.
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