Barcelona Theaters Overview

Cafè-Teatre Llantiol - Theater in Barcelona

As with most major cities around the world, there’s plenty of performing arts talent to be found in Barcelona, and nowhere can this be seen better than at the multitude of stellar theaters spread out across town.

Barcelona theaters play host to all kinds of arts, from musicals, plays, and operas to symphonies, ballets, and experimental shows. Throughout the week, it’s easy to find some kind of performance on stages in theaters all over town. Theaters aren’t limited to the live arts, however, as Barcelona boasts a good number of movie theaters showing everything from Hollywood blockbusters to art-house and indie flicks.

Gran Teatre del Liceu is one of the most remarkable theater houses in Barcelona and was first opened in 1847. Today, the most important opera and theater performances grace its illustrious stage, which looks out on six levels of balconies with a seating capacity of more than 2,200.

Teatre Coliseum is another grand theater and was built in 1923. Considered an architectural masterpiece, this theater not only features more opera and live performance stages, but also one of the biggest film theaters in the city.

If you’re looking for an escape from the booming clubs and late-night hot spots, check out the theaters in Barcelona, where you can find incredible live performances, the best movies, and a lot of Catalan culture.

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