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Party Earth Review Combining Irish hospitality and a little Spanish charm, Milk Bar & Bistro is an elegant spot with vintage décor, festive cocktails, and a hearty menu sure to please anyone tired of tapas. Run by an Irish couple who made their way to Barcelona via San Francisco, the classy and cozy space is filled with Victorian-style sofas, intimate low wooden tables, and large front windows that allow light to flood across the detailed handcrafted wallpaper. True to the owners’ heritage, there’s lots of Magners and Guinness behind the tiny red-lacquered bar, but the variety of unique cocktails mostly eschew nationalism, from the brandy-packed Sangria to the ... more


Gignas 21
08002 Barcelona

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Barcelona Bistros Overview

Milk Bar & Bistro - Bar | Bistro | Restaurant in Barcelona

Although Barcelona’s cuisine is mainly Spanish and Catalan, the fact that it’s a major international city lends itself well to the huge assortment of styles of restaurants that the city has to offer. While there is a particular emphasis on South American and Italian cuisine, perhaps there is no other type of food that is more embraced than French, which is evidenced by the many excellent bistros in Barcelona.

The culture in Catalonia is influenced greatly by their neighbors to the north. In fact, there are still cities in the south of France that speak Catalan and support Catalonian independence. This cultural commonality has left Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, with an incredible French bistro scene that is available all over the city.

While the thought of dining in a Parisian restaurant often has patrons squirming over the check, Barcelona’s bistros range in price. The one thing that they all seem to have in common is their authenticity and quality. Many of the staples of French cuisine can be found in Catalonian food, and as a result, it isn’t difficult to find escargot, fondue, or a simple baguette and cheese almost anywhere in Barcelona. Just make sure to call the champagne “cava.”

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