Barcelona Irish Pubs Overview

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Although not as crazy as their club and nightlife counterparts, Irish pubs in Barcelona are still a great place to hangout for frothy brews, watching football with your mates, and some great pub grub to prime the night.

Although more of a late night party city, Barcelona, like many of its European counterparts, is home to a big Irish community who have brought their pub culture with them and established great watering holes all over town.

Some of the best Barcelona Irish pubs are Flann O’Brien, which opened in 1994 and is a spectacular spot to watch sports, The Temple Bar, which is a great pre-club hangout, and Molly’s Fair City, known for some of the best Guinness in the city. What all of the pubs have in common is a love for beer on tap, great pub grub like fish & chips or shepherd’s pie, and a convivial environment for great conversation.

Probably the best thing about the Irish pubs is that they serve as a hub for bringing locals, tourists, students, and ex-pats together in an unpretentious environment where the only arguments are over how good FC Barcelona is going to be that year. So whether you want to have a chill evening with friends, or just grease the wheels for a hot night ahead, nothing really beats the Irish pubs in Barcelona.

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