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La (2) de Apolo  - Concert Venue in Poble Sec, Barcelona

Poble Sec is one of the most authentic Catalan neighborhoods in Barcelona. Although it’s only a short walk outside of the more tourist and immigrant populated areas of the city, it has remained true to its roots. The most apparent way that this benefits Poble Sec’s locals and visitors is in the quality of its restaurants, which are not only some of the best but also some of the cheapest.

A variety of wonderfully unique restaurants dot Poble Sec’s streets. Bar Seco is a vegetarian joint that attracts foodies and health-nuts alike with veggie and vegan options for food and even organic wines to wash them down with.

Of course a summary of Poble Sec restaurants wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its amazing tapas bars. Lolita Tapería and Taberna Blai Tonight are just two of the countless places worth checking out. The latter of the two offers one euro tapas that creates a feeding-frenzy inside the tiny space for the many hungry and budget-minded patrons who pack themselves into the restaurant on a nightly basis.

In addition to the smaller and local favorites, there are also more upscale restaurants in Poble Sec as well as plenty of quality ethnic food. With the location keeping the prices down, Poble Sec is surely one of the better areas in Barcelona in which to eat out.

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  • * Bar Seco 30s / Alternative Music / Ambient

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