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Bars in Las Ramblas Overview

City Hall - Club in Las Ramblas, Barcelona

The bars on Las Ramblas mostly cater to the enormous amount of tourists that wander up and down Barcelona’s most famous streets on a daily basis. There aren’t many authentic local’s bars, as the majority of Catalans tend to avoid these areas, but that doesn’t mean Las Ramblas is devoid of quality places to drink.

As a result of the mostly tourist crowd, the Las Ramblas bars tend to be diverse in their style. Oftentimes people on vacation need a break from culture and want to find an Irish or British pub, an American style bar, or a German Hofbrau. Luckily for those people searching for a taste of home, there are plenty of options to satisfy their needs.

In addition to the vast amount of international bars, Las Ramblas also has plenty of places to grab an icy pint of local beer or an oversized goblet of sangria to wash down their paella and tapas.

A walk up and down La Rambla will undoubtedly be followed by the need to recuperate with a cold drink. Any night out at the array of Las Ramblas clubs will require a place to pre-game; in either case, the bars in Las Ramblas more than accommodate its patrons with a variety of fantastic watering holes that suit every drinker’s needs.

Popular Las Ramblas Bars

  • * Bar Lobo Ambient / Bar Food / Burgers

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