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Restaurants in L'Eixample Overview

Discothèque - Club in L'Eixample, Barcelona

The in vogue style of L’Eixample’s nightlife world and shopping districts extends to its restaurants and food scene as well. There are trendy restaurants that continue to pop up across the huge expanse of L’Eixample, an area that covers a large part of Barcelona. Although it can be difficult to bestow sweeping statements upon such an enormous section of the city, one thing that is universally true is that every part of L’Eixample has amazing restaurants worth checking out.

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Spanish dining is tapas. L’Eixample, just like the rest of Barcelona, is home to some fantastic tapas bars. One of the first places that warrants mention is Taller de Tapas or “The Tapas Workshop.” This chain can be found in five locations throughout the city but the L’Eixample one is particularly popular because of its location and involvement in the film Vicky Christina Barcelona, not to mention its delicious food.

As should be expected in such a hip area, L’Eixample’s restaurants are au courant with the food and art combination that has become so popular in fashionable cities around the world. Both Cosmo and Akashi Gallery offer up their own distinct take on the trend and are two of the better galleries and restaurants in L’Eixample.

Popular L'Eixample Restaurants

  • * Bauma 30s / 40s / Bar / Blazers
  • * Cosmo 30s / Ambient / Ambient Rock / Art
  • * Obama 20s / 30s / 40s / Basketball / Beer

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