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Cafés in L'Eixample Overview

Plaza De Toros Monumental De Barcelona - Bullring in L'Eixample, Barcelona

The café culture in Barcelona is as strong as its coffee. The city is full of small neighborhood spots to grab a quick espresso and a croissant. The sheer number of venues keeps the need for coffee franchises at a minimum, at least compared to other worldly cities. What it hasn’t done is intimidated creative and trendy coffee houses from sprouting up. Being one of the hippest areas in town, the cafés in L’Eixample are assorted and noteworthy for their modern touches on such a classic establishment.

In the age of social media everyone is constantly looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and figure out ways of turning their craft into an art form. Baristas haven’t avoided this craze, and as a result, places like Cosmo are becoming more popular. The hybrid art gallery and café is located near the University of Barcelona and is the perfect place for students and art lovers to come together to enjoy one of the most fashionable L’Eixample cafés.

When the line between cutting edge and hipster is becoming too blurred, Bauma is the perfect place to step back and enjoy a more authentic Spanish café experience at a slower pace. With a more local neighborhood feel, it’s the perfect café in L’Eixample to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures.

Popular L'Eixample Cafés

  • * Bauma 30s / 40s / Bar / Blazers
  • * Cosmo 30s / Ambient / Ambient Rock / Art

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