L'Eixample, Barcelona.
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The sprawling area of L’Eixample – which literally means “The Addition” – was tacked onto Barcelona to house the city’s growing population once the Old Town ran out of space.

Not surprisingly, then, the district is primarily residential and, due to its vast size, somewhat difficult to classify socially.

Although it may not be the best place for barhopping, L’Eixample is home to several swanky restaurants and bars, as well as the popular City Hall club, all of which are located at the top of Plaça Catalunya and attract Barcelona’s high rollers.

A number of other worthy bars and clubs are spread around the district, but the rather large distances between them mean it’s often best to choose one place to settle for the evening.

Despite the nebulous character of L’Eixample as a whole, the area around Carrer de Casanova – dubbed “Gayxample” – has managed to forge an identity as Barcelona’s gayfriendly center and boasts a good number of cafés, fashion stores, clubs, and saunas.


Where to Go in L'Eixample

  • * Bauma 30s / 40s / Bar / Blazers
  • * Le Cyrano Budget-friendly / Chill / Cocktails
  • * Obama 20s / 30s / 40s / Basketball / Beer

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