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Bars in Gràcia Overview

Although it’s just a short metro ride outside of the main city center, Gracia has a noticeably more subdued and mellow vibe than other parts of Barcelona. With that said, there is a vast array of bars in Gracia that still offer plenty of quality places to satisfy the needs of every type of drinker.

Gracia in general tends to be a quiet area. It doesn’t have the bustling student and tourist scene that is so prevalent closer towards the beach. The locals in Gracia have crafted their own distinct vibe that allows the many quality bars to thrive on a nightly basis.

Gracia’s bars lend themselves well to daters and small groups as the majority of them are laid-back and often intimate. That combined with the advantage of not being constantly swarmed by tourists makes this one of the more desirable areas in Barcelona for a date.

Gracia’s nightlife scene isn’t all candle-lit dinners and long walks on the beach. There are live music venues, vibrant bars, and outdoor areas such Plaça del Sol that is normally filled with spill-overs from the local bars listening to music and enjoying beers in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Popular Gràcia Bars

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