Barcelona Beer Festival Beer Festival Every year in March

Barcelona Beer Festival - Beer Festival in Barcelona.
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For three days in March, beer fans from all over Catalonia head to the annual Barcelona Beer Festival. Held each year at the Cúpula de las Arenas in Barcelona, the Barcelona Beer Festival features over 200 unique... ... read more

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Barcelona Beer Festival Description

Barcelona Beer Festival - Beer Festival in Barcelona.

For three days in March, beer fans from all over Catalonia head to the annual Barcelona Beer Festival. Held each year at the Cúpula de las Arenas in Barcelona, the Barcelona Beer Festival features over 200 unique international brews.

Brew lovers can hear lectures and talks from brew masters and experts from all around the world. Past featured breweries include Stingers, Akti, Anderson Valley, and Loverbier. Brews featured at past festivals include Madama, Rye IPA, Madrid Lager, and Hertenheer.

Foodies can fill up on dishes from places like Asturias Country Cheeses, La Creperie, and Lola.

Admission to the Barcelona Beer Festival is free. Food and drinks at the festival range from about €2 to €5 each.

Barcelona Beer Festival User Comments

Meaghan C. Apr 25, 2013
Not having idea idea what to expect except an overwhelming amout of beers of tap. Having not done our reseach before arrival, the booklet of 300 beers seemed a little too much information for a non-beer drinker. Instead buy your token beer 'chips' on arrival and choose at random from the massive, novelty size, ever changing beer board. The atmosphere is entertaining as the crowd gets 'reved up' everytime a new beer makes it on the board. Craft beer, all on tap, local & foreign ..... the perfect afternoon for the industry specialist, religious beer lover or first time tasters. Don't expect a huge food selection, you will be paying 3-10Euro for the basic crepe, curry or cheese. Ideal venue to situate yourself for the day with a big group of friends slowly making your way through the selection. As a couple 2 hours was enough to walk around the arena, grab some food and taste some beer. Enjoy the sky high 360 views of Barcelona - so dont forget your camera! If your super keen schedule your day around the small amout of talks & lectures. 300 beers, 50 taps a well reccomended casual event in Barcelona
Sam S. Mar 9, 2013
My Take: The Barcelona Beer Festival offers an annual chance for beer lovers and foodies to indulge themselves over a three day span in March. Thousands of thirsty people of all shapes and sizes descend on the Cupula Las Arenas - the top floor of a former bull-fighting ring turned mall and conference center - to enjoy over 300 international brews, as well as locally catered food designed to be paired with the beers. Although it will never be confused with Oktoberfest, the Barcelona Beer Festival is plenty boisterous in its own right and easily the best beer festival in Barcelona. Despite being set-up more like a conference than a festival, the crowd awakens at the sound of a bell every 10ish minutes and a new beer replaces another at one of the 50 rotational taps. The Scene: The young and old alike are well represented at the festival and although many people adorn t-shirts of their favorite brewery, leave your lederhosen at home. Cockails and Cuisine: While there is food, don’t expect to come here for dinner. A wide range of small plates are offered including cheeses, crepes, goulash, and fish. Prices: The festival operates in small orange tokens rather than euros. Upon entry, each person receives a free glass with their purchase of tokens. A package of a glass, seven tokens, and a guide to all 300 beers costs 10 euros. Additional tokens can be purchased in packs of 5 or 10. Each beer costs between 2-4 tokens and food is roughly the same price. What to Wear: It can get a bit chilly at the top of the arena so it’s best to bring a sweatshirt for when you’re waiting in line. With that said, this is a beer festival not a nightclub so dress casual and comfortable. Insider info/When to go: It is a bit of a crapshoot as far as the best time to go. Friday afternoon probably provides the least amount of visitors as the work day is still in full swing. There is most likely a huge line at the entrance, but it moves quickly. However, if you feel like taking a chance, and can’t wait to get your hands on a beer, try circling the arena and falling in with a group of people being let-in. If you time it right, you could save 10-15 minutes and at the very least, you’ll enjoy beautiful panoramic views of Placa Espanya and the rest of Barcelona.

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