All annual festivals in Barcelona

  • Matinée Winter Festival

    Every year in January

    Matinée Winter Festival - DJ Event | Music Festival in Barcelona

    DJ Event / Music Festival

    Since 2009, ravers, EDM fans, and candy kids from all over Europe have flocked to the annual Matinee Winter Festival. Held each year on New Year’s Day, the Matinee Winter Festival takes place... more

    Montjuic Palau Sant Jordi

    Passeig Olímpic, 5
    08038 Barcelona

    93 426 20 89

  • Epiphany Parade

    Every year in January

    Epiphany Parade - Festival | Holiday Event | Parade in Barcelona

    Festival / Holiday Event

    The Epiphany Parade, held in the streets of Barcelona every year, celebrates the winter holiday of “Cavalcada dels Reis”. Known as the Day of the Kings, it honors the Christian tradition... more

    Avinguda del Marquès de l'Argentera

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Tres Tombs Festival

    Every year in January

    Tres Tombs Festival - Festival in Barcelona


    In Catholic tradition, St. Anthony the Abbot is the patron saint of the poor, the sick, and the animals. To honor the memory of St. Anthony, people from all over Spain celebrate with the annual Tres... more

  • Tradicionàrius

    Every year from January to March

    Tradicionàrius - Music Festival in Barcelona

    Music Festival

    Tradicionárius is a music festival that takes place in Barcelona each year with a focus on Catalan folk music. First established in 1987, the event proceeds over a two-month period between... more

    Centre Artesà

    Travessia de Sant Antoni 6-8 Gràcia
    08012 Barcelona, Spain

  • Carnaval de Tarragona

    Every year in February

    Carnaval de Tarragona - Festival | Holiday Event in Barcelona

    Festival / Holiday Event

    For a week in February, Tarragona, Spain celebrates Carnaval with elegant masked balls, parades, and age-old traditions. The annual Carnaval de Tarragona features wild fun for revelers of all types... more


    43005 Spain

  • LlumBCN - Barcelona Festival of Light

    Every year in February

    LlumBCN - Barcelona Festival of Light - Festival in Barcelona


    For three days in February, Barcelona erupts in displays of light at the annual LlumBCN – Barcelona Festival of Light. With illuminated architectural icons and light shows throughout Barcelona... more

  • International Percussion Festival of Catalonia

    Every year in February

    International Percussion Festival of Catalonia - Music Festival in Barcelona

    Music Festival

    What better way to get through February than to soothe your guilt about not keeping your New Year's resolutions with the sweet and melodious beats of the International Percussion Festival of... more

    L'Eixample L'Auditori

    C / Lepanto 150
    08013 Barcelona

    93 247 93 00

  • Aloud Music Festival

    Every Year in February

    Aloud Music Festival - Music Festival in Barcelona

    Music Festival

    In Barcelona, where pop music generally reigns, it’s a risk to be a music label that represents mostly noise and experimental rock bands. However, for a number of years, the record label Aloud... more

  • Sitges Carnival

    Every year in February

    Sitges Carnival - Fair / Carnival | Festival in Barcelona

    Fair / Carnival / Festival

    For about a week in February, people from all over Catalonia head south of Barcelona for the annual Sitges Carnival in Sitges, Spain. Each year, the Sitges Carnival brings out over three hundred... more

    Hotel Miramar Barcelona

    Plaça Carlos Ibáñez, 3
    08028 Barcelona, Spain

  • El Carnaval de Terra Endins

    Every year in February

    El Carnaval de Terra Endins - Festival | Party | Performing Arts in Barcelona

    Festival / Party

    Torelló, Spain celebrates Carnaval for a week in February with traditional parades throughout the city and colorful costumed balls for revelers of all ages. The annual El Carnaval de Terra... more

    Torelló 08570 Spain

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