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Razzmatazz Disco balls, booming speakers, and pulsing lights hanging from the sixty-foot ceiling of this former factory let partygoers know that Razzmatazz means business. Barcelona Spain 41.397009 2.191121
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Razzmatazz - Club | Live Music Venue in Barcelona.
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Party Earth Review Disco balls, booming speakers, and pulsing lights hanging from the sixty-foot ceiling of this former factory let partygoers know that Razzmatazz means business. Friday and Saturday nights are always abuzz with a great... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    F–Sa 11pm–5am; Weekday hours depend on events

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Razzmatazz Videos

Europe - Memories @ Razzmatazz - Barcelona 23/01/2010 (HD)
Europe - Memories @ Razzmatazz - Barcelona 23/01/2010 (HD)
Laurent Garnier playing Uner - Bassboot @ Razzmatazz [Barcelona 19.05.2011]
Soulwax 2 Many Djs (1) (Razzmatazz Barcelona) 2006
Gigi D'Amico live in Razzmatazz Barcelona
Arctic Monkeys Live at Barcelona Razzmatazz 2007
Europe, Stormwind @ Razzmatazz, Barcelona, 23 Jan 2010
Incubus: Megalomaniac. (Razzmatazz/Barcelona)

Party Earth Razzmatazz Review

The Scene

Disco balls, booming speakers, and pulsing lights hanging from the sixty-foot ceiling of this former factory let partygoers know that Razzmatazz means business.

Disco balls, booming speakers, and pulsing lights hanging from the sixty-foot ceiling of this former factory let partygoers know that Razzmatazz means business.

Friday and Saturday nights are always abuzz with a great mix of international and Spanish clubbers looking to dance the night away to diverse styles of music, including indie rock, hip-hop, house, and electronica.

The five unique rooms, each on its own level, provide different environments and music, which means that it’s easy to go with a group of friends and be assured that everyone will be satisfied.

International DJs in The Loft attract a techno crowd, while the industrial-sized Razz Room draws a young crowd ready to sweat to monster hits.

The other three main rooms – Lolita, Pop Bar, and Rex – feature varying shades of electro as well as a small open-air section to cool down in.

During the week, Razzmatazz doubles as a concert venue and books some outstanding talent in various musical genres, including big-name headliners.

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Tip from Jonah:

If you’re going to Razzmatazz during the weekend, it’s worth popping around to the back entrance on Carrer de Pamplona. It leads straight up to The Loft room and the line is always much shorter; you can still access the whole club from there. Otherwise, head down mid-week for a gig and a more intimate vibe.

  • Crowd

    Weekday concerts draw locals of all ages. On the weekends, the club attracts a fun-loving younger crowd, late teens to early 20s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Five separate rooms, each with its own feel and music, play electronica, pop, funk, rock, hip-hop, techno, and house. Concerts vary, but the majority tend to be alternative dance or indie/rock groups.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Avoid going when it’s raining heavily – although the club is indoors, you have to go outside to move between certain rooms.

  • Prices

    Cover charge €15/club nights, includes one drink, and €15–€35/concerts. Beer €3.50, mixed drinks €7+, shots €4+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual for weekday concerts, clubwear on the weekends.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    The club is open only on the weekends, with renowned international DJs playing every Friday and Saturday. Check the online schedule for weekday concerts.

Razzmatazz User Reviews

Average rating:
Barcelona’s Secret Cure for Getting Over ‘Humpday’
Aly O. Nov 23, 2013
Although Razz earns a lot of its international fame for its five-room, all-night parties on the weekend, its El Dirty theme parties on Wednesday nights are easily some of the best club nights in Barcelona. Drawing a good mix of locals and expats, Wednesday nights use only the main room and stage—but the vibe remains consistently more fun-loving and friendly than any other night at the club, as the DJs spin a mix of modern pop-rock and classic cheesy hits (everyone loves some Spice Girls and N’Sync nostalgia) while go-go dancers (costumed to match the nightly theme) imitate everyone from Britney to Psy. Download the night’s flyer or snap a screen shot from the club’s Facebook page and you’ll get discounted entry and a free drink until 2 a.m.—just make sure you get there before 1:30, as the queue can get pretty long after that.
The best club in Barcelona
Carlos M. Sep 17, 2013
I have been a customer of Razzmatazz for 8 years. In my opinion, is one of the best clubs of Barcelona and Spain. I has been always famous for bringing good international deejays and for having a huge variety of styles with its 5 different stages. However, what I want to remark about this club is the ability that they have to adapt to new tendencies and sounds. They introduced the dubstep culture to the city with the help of Middleground Barcelona (www.middlegroundbcn.com) and my friends Pol Wasabii and Mitri Boxinbox (https://www.facebook.com/pol.clavell?fref=ts /// https://www.facebook.com/mitri.martin.1?fref=ts). They started to do the famous party I love dubstep and every thursday since 3 years ago they have been booking the best dubstep, electro and drum'n'bass deejays. The cool thing about it is that they never forgot their origins and they kept betting for techno and more traditional electronic music for the weekends and introducing new party formats for other week days like mondays with Nylon or tuesdays with Razz&Bounce. To conclude, I would like to say that anyone that visits Barcelona should at least party once in this special and awesome club.
That's more like it
Cemre Bengisu B. Jul 17, 2013
Razzmatazz is cool. Its fame extends beyond Spain. I got to know about it through an Italian friend's advice, I remember him seeming so excited about having been there. Well, now I am.
Beer and Fun for cheap!
Leonardo P. Jul 14, 2013
Razzmatazz is a very "characteristic" place of the multi-tasking city of Barcelona. Easily reachable by car or public transport, this club/bar host often great names of the international music and, when the night is "only housemade" you certainly will have fun because you can drink for few euros a decent beer and you will find the most various categories of people dancing and giving the best they can to have a great night. The place exhibits itself as an average club with no extremely fancy or architected presumptions: everything is pragmatic, straight to the point, and the point is having fun with friends in a simple funny club. I advice you all, if you are in the area of Catalunya, to go check this place! You definitely won't regret it!
Josh H. Jul 3, 2013
Go. Just go.
"Razzmatazz"... More like "Razzma-where am I?": A Perfect Place to Get Weird
Caitlin M. Jun 5, 2013
Razzmatazz is one of those clubs that you always imagined you'd go to if ever you got to travel in Europe. It's loud, everyone is drunk, and there seems to be a understood rule that really anything goes. The lines to get in are long, but the crowd is lively and no one really seemed to mind. There is a 15 euro cover charge to get in, and the drinks, from what I actually remember, weren't exactly cheap. But if you are really trying to party in Barcelona (and I would assume you are if you are checking out night club reviews) you will probably show up with more than a few drinks already in your system. There are various levels and dance floors. I would recommend keeping your phone close to you because more than likely you are going to lose some member of your party. The place is huge! I liked the smoking roof, it was almost as popping as the club. Probably the best aspect of Razzmatazz is its international crowd. I met people from all over the world. Definitely a must-see in Barcelona.
Name Fits the Chaotic Brilliance of the Scene
Madeline J. Apr 16, 2013
Barcelona is the city that doesn't sleep, and Razzmatazz is the place to be up all night. I arrived at 2AM and was surprised to find the 5000 capacity club relatively empty. I thought I picked an off night, but to my amazement, within the next hour the club filled to capacity with unique characters from all over the world. The "chaotic brilliance" of 3 floors and 5 different dance floors make Razzmatazz five clubs in one, all connected by rooftop pathways and small hallways where visitors go to relax, talk, and cool off. Razzmatazz was like no other club I have visited, getting lost only led to the discovery of a new party with a different vibe. Start your night at Razz by swinging your dance partner around the bottom floor which features rock and indie hits such as The Black Key's "Gold On The ceiling" and MGMT’s “The Kids.” The screen covering the entire wall plays unique, high-trilled videos that will keep you moving and entertained all night. Wander upstairs to Razz's LoLiTa dance floor where you’ll jump around to DubStep and Tech music beats that will flow through your entire body. Continue to cruise around and if you stumble into a red-lit dance floor with an upbeat remix of a Beatle's hit, you have found Razz's Rex Room, playing pop, house, and other hits. The Rex Room is a little more chill but still as enchanting as the others. The lights are intense, the smoke is heavy and the radiant, wild atmosphere is contagious. Razzmatazz was by-far the best place I spent a night in Barcelona. Razz closes at 6AM but will leave you begging for 5 more minuets on the dance floor. Go and don't be afraid to get a little lost!
Barcelona's best club
Gérald H. Apr 7, 2013
With a 5000 person capacity, Razzmatazz is definitely THE place to go in Barcelona. Indeed, If you went to the catalan capital, have seen the Camp nou, the Casa Battló, the Sagrada Familia and Las Ramblas but didn't go to Razzmatazz, i'm sorry to tell you that you didn't complete your Barcelona trip. With 5 different dance floors playing each one different styles of music, everyone can enjoy this venue, which receives every week famous DJs from all over the world. It will take you all night to explore the whole club, so don't expect getting out from there before 5am. Anyway, the club will still be packed when the sun will be up. So while you're in Barcelona, don't forget to go there on a wild weekend night, have some drinks, listen to the hypest music and when you leave, take a picture of the catalan sunrise.
Don’t expect any sleep, this massive no-frills club provides hours of down-and-dirty dancing
Alison D. Apr 1, 2013
A sprawling, multi-level night club, Razzmatazz is the epitome of the European clubbing experience. Five differently themed rooms provide something for every music fan from indie rock to techno, but beware, the sheer size and winding hallways also make losing track of friends frustratingly easy on a busy Saturday night. As with many clubs in Spain, the night doesn’t get started until at least 1 or 2 am, so “getting there early” is hardly necessary. Many tour companies organize group outings, which can include discounted admission and free drinks, something not to be ignored as a weekend cover can get up to €20, with drinks averaging around €10. Those looking for posh and glamour will be disappointed. The middle-of-nowhere location, industrial vibe of the building, and massive, unkempt bathroom facilities can make clubgoers feel like cattle. Its best to embrace Razzmatazz for what it is, a heart-pumping European party factory where 20-somethings dance until (literal) dawn, breaking only to rehydrate with Red Bull and smoke cigarettes rooftop as the early hours of morning approach.
Make A Night to Remember in Barcelona
Nathalie H. Mar 4, 2013
Obviously in coming to Barcelona, you have to look up the clubs and bars that get the most advertising and reviews, and Razzmatazz is one of them. A ridiculously huge, abandoned warehouse-style with open spaces, and bright lights, this is a club worth visiting at least once. While the line-up can put you off at first sight, as well as the cover, there is a great variety of music genres and you will most definitely meet a diverse amount of people as well-if you can hear yourselves speak in here. Hey, that's why we learn to talk with our hands! If you're not interested in bar hopping, this is a place to go, as it's a bit hard to get to. Drinks can be a bit pricey, so it's best to save this for one night only while visiting. Try the smoking lounge upstairs around midnight before it gets too busy, then make your way downstairs around 2 am when things start to get wild on the dance floors. The age range appears to be between 18 and 30, and once everyone gets dancing, the place fills up fast and it can truly be a fantastic night with your friends. Even if you get lost within the club, this is a place where you'll leave with a story or two. There are often live performances with famous artists, and as it's slightly off the grid, you have the chance to avoid massive amounts of tourists and party like a true Barcelona 20-something. Make sure you drink that red bull too, because you'll likely be up until dawn. Make this a last blast for your trip, wear comfortable dancing shoes, and grab some falafel after drinking the night away. This will likely be a night to remember.
Best Club in Spain!
Danny H. Feb 28, 2013
After checking out some of the biggest American friendly clubs in Barcelona, Razzmatazz is a step above them all. Multiple huge raves with more different scenes than one can count. Absolutely insane variety of music and people, with approximately 5,000 people checking it out on Saturday nights. Party doesn't really get going until 2AM and when it does the place really gets packed. Most fun I had in Barcelona and a definite must-see club.
A true taste of how Spain truly parties!
Adam A. Feb 20, 2013
Razzmatazz is the epitome of Spanish nightlife: beautiful people, hot beats and a very late night party! For starters, the space is huge (it once was a factory!), with five unique rooms to choose from. The Razz room in particular was truly something special, never have I seen so many clubbers dancing so passionately at the same time. As is typical in Barcelona and the rest of Spain, the night starts late and carries on into the morning hours. On the weekends this is a younger crowd, certainly late teens to early 20's. Ultimately, however, Razzmatazz is sure to awaken your inner party animal, so check it out!
a legendary club
Alicia P. Jan 23, 2013
made in the old factory with stunning events and great every week parties is definatelly the place that you cannot miss when you are in Barcelona. One of the best clubs in the european, famous for it's nightlife city! This place serves various types of music, live as well as played by the great DJs. It hosted stars like Coldplay or Blur. the number of partying people is counted in thousands. 5 different dancefloors and what's most important a great atmosphere every time. It's a not exclusive-type or most expensive place, but it can meet the expectations of even most demanding party people! Check it out - You won't be disappointed!
Juan Pablo D. Jan 16, 2013
As the caption says, this club was DANK!!!
Party Time!
Lily R. Jan 15, 2013
Razzmatazz is not for the “I’m going to call it an early night” type of person. However, it’s for almost everyone else. Boasting 5 huge rooms with different genres of music, anyone going to Razzmatazz will find themselves at home on one of the dancefloors or numerous bars. With a 5,000 person capacity, expect tons of people and an exciting atmosphere! It’s easy to become lost in the dancefloors, terraces, and bars which make up Razzmatazz, but you’re sure to meet a variety of people along the way. Make sure to arrive around 12:30 if you want to beat the lines- the club typically opens between 12 and 1, with a rush of people arriving between 1:30-2. Razzmatazz is notorious for having incredibly long lines, so get there early! This being said, the party will not end until dawn or later! You cannot go to Barcelona without going to Razzmatazz.
Overwhelmingly Fun
Megan Z. Jan 13, 2013
At first when you walk into Razzmatazz, it seems impossible - how can a club be this HUGE?!?! There are so many rooms, each with its own style and type of music, so anybody can have fun here. It also makes it really hard to generalize Razzmatazz, but that's what makes it such a good club. At first all of the rooms seem like a maze, with endless stairways and hallways leading somewhere new and exciting. Another great part of the club is the roof, where you can get some fresh air or talk in relative quietness. You can also see the iconic Razzmatazz sign up here which is always fun! The party here runs really late, which is typical for Barcelona in general. The party doesn't start up till a bit later here (I think we arrived a little bit after midnight and it wasn't too crowded until a while after), but there are a few bars around it where you can pregame. Drinks weren't too expensive, but the cover was. The line was really long as well, so be sure to expect that! My only other tip would be to have a meeting place with your friends, because it IS huge, and you WILL get separated at some point in your sure-to-be very, very long night. Have fun!!
A "Must See" Huge Club
Karla K. Dec 21, 2012
My experience at Razzmatazz was a lot of fun, we went with a promoter which definitely made things easier, since there was a line to get in. Also like many clubs in Barcelona most of the people arrived at 1-2 am and from then on. It is huge! There were about 3 or 4 floors, and a patio for smokers, where most of the people sat on the roof while smoking. All of the music seemed pretty similar but still the different rooms were nice because it was an easier way to meet people but it also made it easy to loose your friends, we got lost a couple of times but luckily we had a meeting point, so I'd suggest that as well. The atmosphere was very cool, it's got character and you can find different types of people in the club, the drinks were decent, well drinks mostly so don't expect a world class mojito. In Barcelona there are so many clubs it's hard to choose where to go but just keep in mind, you can go out pretty much every day of the week, and Razzmatazz is a very famous club in the city, definitely a must see.
Most popular barcelona club
Eva L. Dec 5, 2012
Razzmatazz is definitely of the most popular clubs in Barcelona. You’ll find a lot of tourists here during the summer and abroad students during the year. It has a couple of floors with different music so you can get a change of scenery when you get bored. Also, because the club is so large, it never gets super crowded to the point that you are annoyed with the people around you - it is definitely a good crowd. The drinks here are not super expensive so you can definitely keep your good time going when you’ve gotten over your pregame buzz. Definitely recommend this club to anyone visiting Barcelona.
A Failure to Visit Razzmatazz is a Failure to Experience Barcelona
Sam S. Dec 5, 2012
You know those movies or commercials where everyone is partying in what looks to be an old abandoned warehouse? A private DJ is playing music that no matter what your taste is you can vibe to? Well Razzmatazz must be where those people got the idea for it. An old warehouse turned night club located in the Marina district, Razzmatazz has a room for everyone no matter what your musical stylings are. A videogame-esque maze of levels with seemingly endless dance floors and bars, snaking their way throughout the five-story venue, Razzmatazz ensures that you will wonder where the night went when they finally close the doors as the sun begins to rise in Barcelona. Perhaps the most popular club in Barcelona (and for good reason) it is a good idea to get your tickets online beforehand so you can avoid the queue and save a few euros. Either way, you definitely don't want to miss out on Razzmatazz, whether you have one night or 10, Razz is a must.
Great Club- Lot's of different rooms and Music Variety
Jade W. Nov 13, 2012
Razzmatazz is such an amazing club. It's absolutely huge and a great place to go with your friends as long as you stick together. The dancefloor is crowded in every room that you go and once you come you're guaranteed not to leave until the sun comes up. A lot of bar crawls end up at Razzmatazz so it can be touristy, but since it is so huge you don't get that feel. They have great music and it's an awesome time. The line is long, but if you go with a group you can get wristbands that allow you to skip it. This is a great place and a definite place to go while you're in Barcelona!
5 am and still dancing?
Frida G. Sep 17, 2012
Are you part of a group of friends where the music varies? Then you're welcome to visit Razzmatazz. With five dancefloors and five different genres the nightclub represent the largest in Barcelona and according to me, the best. The club is linked to the industrial city landscape and located in an outstanding building. Although, it's not just because of the size or the fact that Razzmatazz has several dancefloors that I give it both thumbs up. Razzmatazz also hosts artists and bands from all over the world, which separates it from clubs of its kind. Even if the artists and the bands are written in capital and lowercase letters, razzmatazz still supports it, because for them music is about quality and not quantity. So, get off at Marina metro station and for 15 euro you will get; one free drink, five dancefloors, at least one famous artist and the possibility to dance 'till 6 in the morning. It is hard not to like this place and the probability is high that you will be the frequenter.
Great Experience
Matthew J. Sep 13, 2012
Razzmatazz is very large and exciting. It is always full and the crowd can get quite rowdy. This is a great club if you're looking to listen to some great DJs, but would be way too loud and cluttered for a social night out. The drinks are good and the music is better. I recommend it to a younger crowd.
The Place to Dance on Saturday Nights
Daniel H. Aug 2, 2012
Razzmatazz is a labyrinth of a nightclub that keeps its focus on the music and not the exclusivity. Saturday's are the hot nights to go, so make sure to arrive early because even though the place is huge, it fills up quick with hordes of locals and young travelers. I was here on a Saturday night in Summer, and if you want an intimate club experience with bottle service and VIP treatment, this probably isn't the place for you. But if you love dancing and meeting new people and enjoy the "warehouse" scene, Razzmatazz will fit your fancy. The main dance area is massive, with a ridiculously long bar in one corner, high ceilings reaching up to the rafters, and a surrounding second floor balcony to dance and watch as the DJs and live performances take the stage. There's an outdoor area to cool off, although to be honest it becomes shoulder to shoulder once 2am rolls around so it's actually not that pleasant. Just accept that you are going to get hot and sweaty and enjoy the dancing. Upstairs was another stage area, but it was pumping some seriously heavy electro and the crowds were really into it, which really brought me into the energy of it all. There's such diversity of music and people in this place that it seems impossible to not have a good time. I didn't end up leaving until 6:30 in the morning, got to catch a beautiful sunrise in Barcelona, followed it up by a stop at a shawarma stand, and then without sleeping headed straight onto my train to Paris – great memories from Razzmatazz.
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