Barcelona Jazz Clubs Overview

Jamboree - Club | Flamenco Bar | Jazz Club | Live Music Venue in Barcelona

Steeped with Spanish influence, the jazz clubs in Barcelona give their clientele exactly what they want: late nights, smooth sounds, and something to dance to!

There’s a wide range of Barcelona jazz clubs and bars and you can find anything from massive halls with big stages to dingy dives with hard to find entrances.

One such hard to find spot is the Harlem Jazz Club tucked into the back streets of the labyrinthine Barri Gòtic neighborhood. Here, loyal music lovers descend on the hallowed jazz ground six nights a week to hear some of the best jazz in the city, not to mention the blues, funk, soul, and flamenco as well.

Another great, intimate jazz club in Barri Gòtic is Jamboree which has hosted legends like Chet Baker and Ella Fitzgerald and brings in droves of jazz, funk, and flamenco lovers till 5am every night of the week.

Still more jazz can be found in L'Eixample at Bel-Luna Jazz Club, a more upscale joint catering to an affluent and discerning clientele of toe-tapping jazz enthusiasts.

There are more jazz clubs all over the city, and whether you’re looking for smooth sounds in a basement dive or a nice meal to go with trumpeted tunes, Barcelona provides you with all the bebop one could wish for.

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