Barcelona Cafés Overview

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Because the city is known for wild parties and incredibly late nights, there are tons of cafés in Barcelona that make for both laid-back alternatives to the crazy party scene and surefire hangover spots for day after recovery.

Cafés are obviously spread all throughout the city and can be found from the streets of Barri Gòtic to the hustle and bustle of Las Ramblas. There are Barcelona cafés of all shapes and sizes, from brunch and lunch spots, and tea houses, to late night bar café hybrids that lubricate the night before the heavy party scene kicks in.

The cafés are great for eating tapas or maybe drinking a little sangria, but mostly they’re the perfectly chill settings for afternoon tea or coffee, doing a little work, reading a book, having a daytime date, or hanging out with friends.

Caj Chai is a popular café in Barri Gòtic but also doubles as a tea house where a mellow all-ages crowd pops in daily to get a caffeine fix and while away the hours. El Bosc de les Fades, meanwhile, is an off-the-wall café inside a wax museum that could also be considered a haunted house.

Regardless of which café you choose, in Barcelona there’s always a cup of coffee waiting, friendly company to be had, and a laid-back setting to relax in.

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