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Chupitos An animated and rowdy bar, Chupitos (Shots) specializes in creative, over-the-top shots with equally dramatic bar service. Most of the chupitos come with special performances by the bartender, some of which involve the actual... Barcelona Spain 41.3802284 2.1811203
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Chupitos - Bar in Barcelona.
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Party Earth Review An animated and rowdy bar, Chupitos (Shots) specializes in creative, over-the-top shots with equally dramatic bar service. Most of the chupitos come with special performances by the bartender, some of which involve the... ... read full review

  • Metro:

    Drassanes, Barceloneta

  • Phone:

    61 832 65 71

  • Hours:

    M–Th 11pm–2:30am, F–Sa 11:30pm–3am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Chupitos Review

The Scene

An animated and rowdy bar, Chupitos (Shots) specializes in creative, over-the-top shots with equally dramatic bar service. Most of the chupitos come with special performances by the bartender, some of which involve the actual...

An animated and rowdy bar, Chupitos (Shots) specializes in creative, over-the-top shots with equally dramatic bar service. Most of the chupitos come with special performances by the bartender, some of which involve the actual bar being set on fire with a blowtorch.

Not surprisingly, the house is packed every night with fun-loving young patrons clamoring for service, enjoying the show, and trying not to be set aflame.

The space itself is little more than a dark and dingy corridor, with the bar on one side and a huge menu board full of intriguingly named shots on the opposing wall.

Owing to the tight space and the dubious cleanliness of the facilities, Chupitos may be best enjoyed as a quick visit before heading on to the bars and clubs on the harbor.

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Tip from Lucas:

With so many shots to choose from, you might as well be as adventurous as possible. A word of warning, however: the bartenders will only let you order one flavor per round, so don’t try to complicate things by ordering three or four different shots.

  • Crowd

    A mix of gung-ho locals and international travelers just over the drinking age limit.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Commercial tunes, but the bartenders are the real show.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Hundreds of different types of shots are posted on the wall. There are no descriptions of ingredients and the bartenders don’t speak much English, so just point and pick at random. Be warned though, the drinks don’t come with just a smile – for instance, ordering the Rambo, requires wearing an army helmet while getting screamed at by the bartender/drill sergeant.

  • Prices

    Beer €3, cocktails €10.50/liter, mixed drinks €8.50, shots €2–€4.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code


  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    The magic – and the fire shots – really begin after midnight.

Chupitos User Reviews

Average rating:
The Best Bar in Barcelona
Stephanie C. May 13, 2013
This small bar easily gives off the most vibrant energy in all of Barcelona. Containing hundreds of unique, alcoholic shots for two euros each, it's the perfect place to begin your night when touring the city. Although towards midnight the bar becomes extremely crowded, it is well worth your time to stop in and order from their exotic, creative menu. During my visit to Barcelona, my friends and I would never miss a chance to stop by and try a new shot. From the Harry Potter, to the Orgasmo, to the Oasis, there is no end to the amount of creativity that goes into these shots.
Bring Friends. Have Fun.
Courtney Grace R. May 13, 2013
If you’re looking for something fun to do on any given night of the week, head over to Espit Chupitos. The place is pretty infamous, so if you go during peak hours expect it to be packed. Honestly, one of the most fun times I had there was earlier in the afternoon on a weekday. I went with a group of friends, and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. There was plenty of space for all the various activities (relay racing, roasting marshmallows, etc.), and I didn’t have to worry about catching my hair on fire in someone else’s shot. Two thumbs up. As far as choosing your shots, there’s a full list on the wall. It doesn’t come with descriptions, though, so you’re pretty much just taking a “shot” in the dark... see what I did there? Punny ;). Anyways, I would suggest telling the bartender what you’re in the mood for (something on fire, something with candy, etc.) and just seeing what he gives you. If you don’t know what the Monica Lewinsky or Rambo shots are, I’m certainly not going to ruin the surprise. My only advice: If you’re bold enough to order one, DON’T PUNK OUT. Just embrace it, commit, and have a good laugh afterwards--all of your friends will be. Also, a little Pro Tip for the road: if you’ve got time, check out the bar right next to Chupitos. It also carries the Espit name, but it’s claim to fame is the self-service drink where YOU POUR your own alcohol (yes, that’s a thing).
In the famous words of LMFAO and Lil Jon: "SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!”
Chanequa C. Apr 11, 2013
Prepare to come alive at bar, this uniquely and explosively entertaining bar which truly epitomizes the wild side of Barcelona night life – fun, drinks, and debaucherous behavior! No matter what type of drinker, the pumped up bartenders and patrons alike will guarantee you have an unforgettable night at Chupitos! (Unless of course, you try the amnesia shot *badabum tsch*) Although doors open well into the night at 1030pm, the space is long but tiny and can fill up very QUICKLY. It’s a great first stop before a long night out! Most drinks do not contain much alcohol and can be very sweet (especially if it includes marshmallows or gummy bears) but will also generally cost 2 euro so it is safe and affordable to try out a few if you fancy. REMEMBER this bar is a lot like Bubba Gump Shrimps, so there is no such thing as a typical shot -- all the drinks are scribbled in chalk on the wall -- but I recommend arriving around bar opening and telling your bartender the type of night you desire to have, and you will likely be rewarded with a song or dance, pop rock candies or a chocolaty delight, cooling ice or a blazing fire. For the ultra brave, you’ll likely find the most bangs for your buck with an event shot like Army Sergeant or Monica Lewinsky (I would share details but that would ruin the surprise!)
A Shot in the Right Direction
Liz S. Apr 3, 2013
If you visit Barcelona’s well-known shot bar, Chupitos, on any given night, chances are the narrow bar will be packed wall-to-wall with fun-loving young people. Boasting more than 500 different kinds of shots priced between two to five euro, Chupitos is the perfect place to start out the night. When picking a shot, it’s best to divide and conquer as the bar offers everything from the typical-vodka shot to shots with fire-hazard-high flames and props (if you want to utterly embarrass a member of your group, order the Monica Lewinsky). The narrow bar fills up fast, so get there early, or be prepared to make new friends. The bartenders only contribute to the rowdy atmosphere by adding their own, personal showmanship to every shot ordered. While the shots are dirt cheap, there’s no doubt you’ll pay for them the morning after.
Crazy and Creative Fun
Steph D. Apr 2, 2013
No one should leave Barcelona without experiencing the insanity that is Chupitos. This shot bar is one of the coolest and most creative places I've ever been. There are literally hundreds of shots to choose from. You can play it safe and order a standard vodka or tequila, or mix it up with one of Chupitos specialty themed shots. Buy a Girls Scouts chupito and roast a marshmallow over your shot while it's on fire. Throw back a chupito that tastes exactly like a Starburst. Order the Army chupito and wear a helmet while a bartender screams in your face like a sergeant. The shots are all cheap and each one is a lot of fun. Chupitos is the best way to start a night out in Barcelona. The down side? Don't plan on staying too long. The bar itself is tiny and fills up pretty quickly. At Chupitos the more risk you take, the better experience you'll have. Be wary of the “Monica Lewinsky”, it's definitely not for the faint of heart!
Just a Start to the Night
Spencer F. Feb 21, 2013
Chupitos is the Spanish word for shots. However, in Barcelona, Spain the word “chupitos” is taken to an entirely different level. Located on the East side of Barceloneta beach lays one of the most entertaining and energetic bars that Barcelona has to offer. With over 500 shots to choose from, Chupitos has made its name as one of the hot spots for tourist pre-gaming and is only continuing to expand its popular reputation. The type of shots that you can expect to see include fire shots, layered shots, and some with even fruit or gummy worms inside. Although the bars claim to fame is wide variety of shots has not limited them from exploring alternative drinks as well. One popular drink is a pitcher filled with several shots and the rest filled with a variety of juices. If you are looking to have a wild night filled with adventure and neglecting the next day’s hangover, than I encourage you to conquer this drink. We do encourage that this be shared with at least 3 or more persons in order to save your mind, body and soul. The one down side to the bar is that it is by no means the most spacious. Yet, most take this as an opportunity to get to know one another better and make a few additional friends along the way. The bars hours are M–Th 11pm–2:30am, F–Sa 11:30pm–3am which is perfect timing to get enough drinks in and make your way to the beach front clubs that are a short taxi drive away. A few words of advice for this particular bar are to ALWAYS tell your cab driver ESPIT Chupitos on the way there. Otherwise you will find yourself paying much more than you anticipated on the cab itself. My last bit of advice is to stay away from the Monica Lewinski shot unless you are buying it for your already blacked-out friend. Enjoy!
Love Chupitos
Amun K. Feb 14, 2013
Chupitos is a great pregame spot. The shots cheap around 2 euro but the shows are priceless. The bartenders (even though a few can be douchy) are hilarious! They always show you a good time. Go there and order the Monica Lewinsky ;p I also loved the Harry Potter shot and the ones that come with chocolate and whip cream. There are over 500 to chose from! If you get confused I would just ask the bartender what he/she recommends, they never disappoint. Also the mixed drinks are great if you want to share with 1 other person, you will definitely get pretty drunk for cheap. The crowd is mostly Americans, and is casual. Its a great fun time!
Really cool bar!
Jody P. Dec 12, 2012
Chupitos means "shots" in spanish and that is exactly what this bar is. It is a lot of fun to go and check it out even though it is just a little bit of a gimmick. There is a huge board on the wall that lists all the shots like the Harry Potter and the Bob Marley. We tried the Bob Marley and although I don't know what it was made of, the shot was made with the three colors of the jamaican flag in three perfect layers in the glass. it was amazing! This place is definitely worth checking out.
Eva L. Dec 5, 2012
This is the place to pregame before you go out to a club. There are over 500 different types of shots and some of them are absolutely crazy. Some of the most popular are the Harry Potter (one of the flaming ones), the Diablo, and Boy Scout. If you’re willing to embarrass one of your friends, order them the Monica Lewinsky and watch the magic enfold (warning - it’s really embarrassing and everyone in the bar usually sees it and takes pictures). Make sure to check this place out because, as far as I know, it is only in Barcelona. Loved it!
Bottoms up at Chupitos!
Ernst B. Nov 28, 2012
The guy (or girl) who came up with the idea for this place needs to get honorary membership to Hugh Hefner’s party pad as well as a life time supply of whatever the hell he wants! Chupitos is completely nuts! And not expensive at all. I paid 4 Euro for two Harry Potter shooters. What I paid for the hangover the next day is a completely different story. If you can look past the dirty toilets, standing on last night’s vomit to get to the bar and the rude waiters then this place is a sure bet for a great night.
Perfect Place to Pre-Party
Sunset E. Sep 26, 2012
Love Love Love Chupitos!!! You walk into a small bar with a board covered solely with names of shots! Guarantee you haven't heard half of them! The best part are all the shots are 3 Euros! They probably have over 200 shots to choose from.. They don't tell you what's in them but they are delicious! It is a perfect location to Pre-party! Very cheap shots and really close to Razmatazz and plenty of other fun bars/clubs which are along a strip of the water. Chupitos is a must!!!! And please order a Monica Lewinsky for your friend lol they'll sure love you lol... Chupitos is a bit small but it's and sometimes extremely crowded but its worth the wait! The list of shots is endless and they all are done in a unique fun way! Some with fire, oranges, candy, whipped cream, etc etc etc.. Highly recommended! Also Chupitos is close to Las Ramblas!
Cheap and creative!
Kendrick K. Aug 30, 2012
A night at Chupitos is definitely an experience to be had. They offer a HUGE list of shot options for you to choose from with very colorful names. You will definitely find something that grabs you. But what’s more incredible are the amazing fire displays that come with certain shots. And if you’re daring enough, you can order one of the 5 euro shots, but be prepared for anything that may follow. The place gets packed fast! So once you make it to the bar, make it count before you have to cram your way in again.
Cheap and energized!
Mahika G. Aug 30, 2012
Chuptios gets filled up with people ready for cheap shots and a good time really quickly every night! The crowd and bartenders alike are energized and looking for fun, making this venue more memorable than most are. Rather than spending time scouring the huge menu of shots for something which catches your eye, just ask one of the bartenders to surprise you with something creative, and you'll be set to have a good night!
Get Fast!
Natalie M. Aug 17, 2012
The shots here flow freely and cheaply, and there are so many to choose from that you'll have to try at least five. The giant mixed drinks that serve multiple people also come cheap and strong, so you won't have to spend much time here to get hammered. I thought the flaming shots were the most fun and thoroughly enjoyed my tiramisu shot, but a big part of the entertainment is watching what other people at the bar order. I felt sorry for the girl who got the Monica Louinsky, which will get you blindfolded and forced to... ahem.. fellate a giant rubber you-know-what covered in whipped cream.
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