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Jamboree - Club | Flamenco Bar | Jazz Club | Live Music Venue in Barri Gòtic, Barcelona

Perhaps it’s because of the number of tourists from the British Isles seeking warmer pastures than their often cold climate, or maybe there’s some historical connection between the Spanish and their affinity for pub culture. In any case, Barcelona seems to have an almost inexplicable number of British and Irish pubs spread through every neighborhood.

This phenomena is exemplified best in the Barri Gótic pub scene. The historical section of Barcelona is covered with noteworthy landmarks, but for drinkers, its embrace of the equally celebrated pub culture helps keep pints full all year long.

The pubs in the Barri Gótic cater to everyone. Places like Flaherty's are great for watching the game or taking advantage of weekday specials and lots of beer on tap, while a walk up Carrer Ferran off of La Rambla reveals multiple options for drinkers wanting a taste of the Irish pub life. Locals, ex-pats, and tourists alike cheerily descend on these venues to create an atmosphere you’d expect to find in the pubs of Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland.

The Barri Gótic pubs offer a venue for every type of drinker and are a huge part of the gothic quarter’s vibrant and often rowdy nightlife scene.

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