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It’s common practice in Catalonia to have a cup of coffee at 10 or 11 at night. It’s also fairly typical to see Barcelona’s partiers trudging back to their respective domains at 10 or 11 in the morning. In either case, Barri Gótic’s cafés provide plenty of options for those in search of sustenance of any sort.

Simply navigating through the unforgivingly complex streets of Barcelona’s gothic quarter can be exhausting. Add in a full day of sightseeing around the city’s most historic neighborhood and the need to relax and rejuvenate is understandable. Luckily for everyone requiring refreshments, there are plenty of fantastic cafés in Barri Gótic to fulfill those needs at all times of the day.

Café culture in Barcelona is huge, but is particularly big in the gothic quarter where it’s difficult to turn a corner without running into a tantalizing bakery, a quiet coffee spot, or the next great tapas joint, all of which Barri Gótic has in spades.

Perhaps the best part about stopping for a cup of coffee or a nosh in the gothic quarter is that odds are there will be something historic nearby. Whether it’s Gaudí’s oldest known work in Plaça Reial or an inviting bench from which to soak up the sun outside of Plaça del Rei, Barri Gótic is the perfect place to grab a seat and watch the world go by.

Popular Barri Gòtic Cafés

  • * Bó de B 20s / After Work / Ambient / Artsy
  • * Caj Chai 18 and over / 20s / 30s / 40s

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