You Can Bet On It...For Fun


Gambling Is No Longer Just Casinos And Sports, You Can Bet On Anything These Days

You Can Bet On It...For Fun

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Mar 29, 2017 —  When people think about placing a bet they usually imagine betting at a casino or on a sporting event. However, there are more opportunities for betting than ever before and now people can bet on all sorts of events. If these bets are not available at your local bookmaker, then they almost certainly will be available online. Some of the most popular things to bet on apart from sports are described below.

Television Shows

There are a number of options available for betting on TV shows, depending on the type of program that it is. If your favorite drama show ends the season with a cliffhanger then you may want to bet on what the outcome will be when the next season starts. If you are watching a reality show then you may have a good idea of who the eventual winner will be and money can be placed on this.

Awards Ceremonies

Whenever an award ceremony is held a lot of potential for placing a bet arises. The most obvious bets to place are the ones about who will win certain awards. However, there are other bets that can be made such as whether someone will trip on their way to collect their award or whether there will be any swearing during the live parts of the show.

Things That Happen At Sporting Events

Even if you do not want to bet on anything related to sport, sporting events can still present some opportunities. This is especially true of events like the Super Bowl when the half time entertainment is as much a part of the event as the football. One of the most obscure bets that has been placed during the Super Bowl is whether Beyoncé would use a hand held microphone or a headset.


People love to talk about the weather and so it is no surprise that they like to bet on it as well. These are often risky bets because the weather is so unpredictable and those that prefer to have better odds may prefer to visit 7 Sultans online casino. Common bets to place about weather include if it will be a white Christmas or if it will rain on the first day of spring.

Celebrities Personal Lives

The gossip pages are full of things that are affecting the personal lives of celebrities and bookmakers have picked up on this. This may seem as if they are capitalising on others misfortune with bets about who the next celebrity couple to split will be. However, there is also the option to bet on happier events such as whether the baby of a celebrity couple will be a boy or a girl.

If you do feel as though more traditional betting is more your thing then you may choose to play slots at 7Sultans online casino or try out some other games. Of course there is nothing stopping you taking part in both types of gambling as long as you follow the golden rule of not betting more than you can afford. 

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