Uninhibited Europe: Crazy Clubs Across the Continent


	The Zoo Project in Ibiza

The Zoo Project in Ibiza 

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Feb 7, 2013 —  With closing times in many cities approaching dawn or simply nonexistent, an energetic youth population, and a constant influx of young party-ready travelers from around the world, Europe has a perfect storm for an all-out-crazy club climate.

From underground warehouses where not even cameras are allowed, to glowstick-waving, fist-pumping 4am DJ performances, insane club visits have been an integral part of the high-tolerance visitor's itinerary. There aren’t just crazy clubs in Europe, there are entire districts lined with them, and hell, there’s even an entire island sustained by hedonistic all-night megaclubs.

With so many options, you might be wondering how on Party Earth you’ll ever decide where to go? Relax, because luckily for you, that’s our job. We put in the hours, saw the sites, organized the party-population’s opinions, and came up with this list of crazy spots for you to check out. Now all you have to worry about is that inevitable round of 5am jäger-bombs.

  • Moog


    Moog - Club in Barcelona.

    Carrer de l'Arc del Teatre, 3
    08001 Barcelona

    93 301 72 82

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  • Berghain / Panorama Bar


    Berghain / Panorama Bar - Club in Berlin.

    Am Wriezener Bahnhof 1
    10243 Berlin

    030 29360210

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  • Club TwentyOne


    Club TwentyOne - Club in Florence.

    Via dei Cimatori, 13
    50122 Florence

    328 729 0849

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  • The Zoo Project

    Club / Outdoor Bar

    The Zoo Project - Club | Outdoor Bar in Ibiza.

    The Abandoned Zoo
    Benimussa Hills

    685 987 933

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  • The Church


    The Church - Club in London.

    Electric Brixton
    Town Hall Parade
    London SW2 1RJ

    020 8898 7007

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  • Space of Sound

    Club / Nightclub

    Space of Sound - Club | Nightclub in Madrid.

    Plaza Estación de Chamartín
    28036 Madrid

    90 249 99 94

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  • Backstage

    Beer Garden / Club / Live Music Venue

    Backstage - Beer Garden | Club | Live Music Venue in Munich.

    Wilhelm-Hale-Straße 38
    80639 Munich

    089 1266100

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  • Le Queen

    Gay Club

    Le Queen - Gay Club in Paris.

    102 Champs-Élysées
    75008 Paris

    01 53 89 08 90

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