Scratching the Surface: America’s Oddball Neighborhoods


	Venice, Los Angeles, CA

Venice, Los Angeles, CA

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Jun 6, 2013 —  American movies about high school use the cafeteria as a metaphor for teenage life. Jocks, preps, skaters, goths, and geeks all sit at different tables, only interacting with one another if they absolutely have to. Often, the film plot involves extenuating circumstances that force a popular kid to form an unlikely, but heartwarming bond with an outcast, leading to long-lasting friendship or romance.

U.S. cities are a lot like high school cafeterias, with a variety of neighborhoods standing in for the infamous, character-defining tables. Unfortunately, much like the movies, people are often too scared to leave their seat and venture to another side of the dining hall.

Jocks might initially be put off by the emo/goth vibe of New York City’s Bushwick area, but will be happy to find some of the Big Apple’s best breweries there. Similarly, Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles has the look of a tatted-up, alt-music enthusiast, yet houses mainstream, popular pubs and eateries like The Village Idiot and Blue Jam Café.

Washington, D.C., is home to the bohemian Adams Morgan region, chock-full of eccentric boutiques, outdoor markets, and vintage shops that open on their wacky owners’ whims. But cool kids would be remiss to skip this capital city locale as it also boasts exquisite eateries, lounges, and clubs.

If there’s anything Americans should take away from their high school movies, it’s that one shouldn’t feel bound to a specific cafeteria table. Likewise, grown-ups shouldn’t be afraid to try out a seemingly strange hood once in a while. It could be the start of a blockbuster friendship.

  • Venice

    Los Angeles

    Venice, Los Angeles.
  • Melrose

    Los Angeles

    Melrose, Los Angeles.
  • Chinatown / Nolita

    New York

    Chinatown / Nolita, New York.
  • Bushwick

    New York

    Bushwick, New York.
  • The Haight

    San Francisco

    The Haight, San Francisco.
  • Castro

    San Francisco

    Castro, San Francisco.
  • Adams Morgan

    Washington, DC

    Adams Morgan, Washington, DC.

What’s your favorite weird neighborhood in the U.S.?

Matthew B. Jun 19, 2013
Love seeing all the freaks on Venice
Kirk B. Jun 13, 2013
Everyone that visits Los Angeles, needs to spend an afternoon down in Venice walking the boardwalk, enjoying the sun, seeing the crazy characters, and bar hopping.

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