Travel Blogger Series: Wandering Earl


Earl is on a never-ending adventure to bring you the good, bad, and weird of travel writing



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Nov 15, 2012 —  While constantly researching the greatest places to go around the world, we often come across incredible writers and photographers who share in our neverending quest. We thought you should meet some of the best we've discovered along the way:

In 1999, Earl left home for a 3-month post-graduation trip to Southeast Asia and today, over 12 years later, that trip has still yet to end. The non-stop adventure has involved over 80 countries, with a mix of backpacking, volunteering, danger travel, working onboard cruise ships, teaching English and living in various destinations around the world. He created Wandering Earl in 2009 and ever since 2010, he has been a professional travel blogger, working full-time on his site as he continues to wander.

How did you get into travel writing?

I'm not too sure actually. I randomly decided to start a travel blog in order to update my family and friends about my travels and before I knew it, I was writing longer posts, sharing advice, and telling stories. And I enjoyed it from the beginning, leading me to write as often as possible and to eventually dedicate myself to my travel blog full-time.

Tell us a brief story about the strangest/craziest/funniest thing that’s happened to you while writing about travel?

When I was in Damascus, Syria at the end of 2010, I went to an internet cafe one day where I quickly learned that my server had crashed and my blog was suddenly not accessible to anyone. I ran back to my hostel, grabbed my laptop and went in search of Wi-Fi, something that is not easy to find in this city. Eventually, I found a shisha cafe with Wi-Fi and so I sat down, ordered some shisha to smoke (which I had never done before) and started trying to get my site back up and running. Unfortunately, after about five minutes, the effects of the shisha overcame me and all I could do was stare at my screen, completely incapable of concentrating on what needed to be done. I accidentally knocked over a chair, almost fell out of my own seat and had extreme difficultly standing up. And so, since I couldn't fix my site, I decided to write a post instead while continuing to smoke some apple shisha. The next morning when I woke up, I turned on my laptop and read this post which turned out to be two pages of complete gibberish that barely even had a single line of words that made any sense at all. Needless to say, I didn't publish this post on my site but it was still one of the more memorable writing experiences I've had, sitting there at that shisha cafe at midnight, down a small alley in central Damascus, puffing away and trying to put together an article.

What’s your favorite part of writing about travel?

Telling stories and sharing information that can bring people together. I love when a post I write ends up leading to an honest discussion about a particular topic, with people from all over the world sharing their thoughts and ideas, asking questions, offering answers and as a result, creating such a wonderful community. When I sit down to write, I always try to create a post that will lead to this kind of beneficial interaction and that's what keeps me motivated to continue writing.

What are your favorite travel destinations and why?

India is by far my favorite destination because it is the only country I have visited on this planet that offers such an intense education every minute of every day. Barely a second goes by without seeing, hearing, tasting or smelling something that you've never experienced before, and this forces travelers to constantly reevaluate everything they know about life. Even after nine visits to India I still can't get enough!

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