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Tough Mudder's Around The World

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Nov 25, 2012 —  People love pain. How else can you explain the ridiculous success of Tough Mudder, a worldwide obstacle series that has exploded into a multi-million dollar enterprise in just a few short years?

Founded in 2010 – and billed as “Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet” – the 10-to-12-mile course attracts more than 500,000 participants at three-dozen-odd races annually, and the ($70 million and growing) company shows no signs of slowing down.

Sprained ankles, gaping blisters, and utter exhaustion are all commonplace. And yes, you have to sign a death waiver to participate. Although each race can vary based on where it is held, Tough Mudder participants can expect a host of heady obstacles, including an ice plunge (the “Arctic Enema”), mad jumps off 40-foot cliffs, slippery half-pipes, fire pits, and a finale sprinting through a field of 10,000-volt live wires. 

Sounds amazing, right? Check below for the Tough Mudder near you. 

  • Boston Tough Mudder 2013

    Running May 11–12, 2013

    Boston Tough Mudder - Running in Boston.
    Boston Throughout the city
  • Munich Tough Mudder 2013

    Running Jul 20–21, 2013

    Munich Tough Mudder - Running in Munich.
    Munich Throughout the city
  • Berlin Tough Mudder 2013

    Running Aug 31–Sep 1, 2013

    Berlin Tough Mudder - Running in Berlin.
    Berlin Throughout the city
  • Chicago Tough Mudder 2013

    Running May 18–19, 2013

    Chicago Tough Mudder - Running in Chicago.
    Chicago Throughout the city
  • London Tough Mudder 2013

    Running May 4–5, 2013

    London Tough Mudder - Running in London.
    London Throughout the city
  • SoCal Tough Mudder 2013

    Running Feb 9–10, 2013

    SoCal Tough Mudder - Running in Los Angeles.
    Los Angeles Throughout the city
  • Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder (Baltimore)

    Action Sports / Running / Sports Every year in September

    Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder (Baltimore) - Action Sports | Running | Sports in Washington, DC.
    Washington, DC Throughout the city

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