The World’s Most Outdoorsy Hoods


Trade Virtual Reality for Authentic Sites

	Georgetown, Washington, DC

Georgetown, Washington, DC

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May 23, 2013 —  In 2012, global video game revenues reached more than $65 billion. By 2017, forecasters see that figure reaching upwards of $82 billion. As a whole, people today clearly like staying indoors more than folks at any other point in history. 

However, the world offers tons of other reasons to trade headsets for hats, controllers for sunglasses, and the couch for a good old-fashioned walk in the great outdoors. From Los Angeles to Rome, planet Earth boasts an eclectic, beautiful list of outdoorsy neighborhoods.

Instead of getting sucked into the console, Boston citizens enjoy scenic and (hopefully) sunny strolls in the once rough-around-the-edges South End. The rows of red brick houses and palpable neighborhood energy make even the surliest of tourists and residents feel like they’re in a Ben Affleck movie.

Meanwhile, Londoners take in the gorgeous, green sites of Clapham. On warm summer days, the 220-acre grassy expanse of Clapham Common draws a plethora of young partiers and sunbathers looking to chill out while enjoying one of the park’s many seasonal festivals.

A little bit farther west, fellas in the French Riviera hit the beach in Juan-les-Pins, where they lay out under an umbrella while taking in the sites of bronzed beauties and mega-yachts along the coastline.

There’s nothing wrong with occasionally plunging into virtual reality. Just don’t forget the fantastic real world waiting outside the front door.

  • Clapham


    Clapham, London.
  • Park Slope

    New York

    Park Slope, New York.
  • South End


    South End, Boston.
  • The Loop


    The Loop, Chicago.
  • Georgetown

    Washington, DC

    Georgetown, Washington, DC.
  • The Sunset

    San Francisco

    The Sunset, San Francisco.
  • Malibu

    Los Angeles

    Malibu, Los Angeles.
  • Montjuic


    Montjuic, Barcelona.
  • Juan-les-Pins

    French Riviera

    Juan-les-Pins, French Riviera.
  • San Lorenzo


    San Lorenzo, Rome.

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