The Loop to Tinseltown: America's Hottest Tourist Spots


	"The Bean" at Millennium Park is a photo op waiting to happen.

"The Bean" at Millennium Park is a photo op waiting to happen. 

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Jul 19, 2013 —  In the grand scheme of things, the United States of America is a relatively young sovereign state. Sure, 1776 seems like a long time ago to most millennials, but considering the UK was founded in 927, the stars and stripes seems pretty youthful.

For a relatively fresh nation, America has managed to pack a lot of culture and history into neighborhoods across the nation. These locations hold an array of landmarks that are not only famous throughout the country, but are known as some of the world’s hottest tourist spots.

Take The Loop in Chicago for example. The Second City locale boasts Grant and Millennium parks, which offer a scenic walking path that runs by sites like Crown and Buckingham fountains, and affords guests a postcard-worthy view of the Chicago skyline. Similarly, Midtown in New York City includes the iconic Central Park. The hallowed ground has been used as the setting for countless classic movies, TV shows, and plays.

Out west, Hollywood in Los Angeles is known not just for its films, but also for all the fascinating history and folklore surrounding them. Tinseltown is jam-packed with theaters, down-and-dirty dives, and glitzy boulevards that wear the tales of yesteryear proudly.

This red, white, and blue nation might be relatively green when it comes to its D.O.B., but no one would be able to tell when taking a tour of America’s most celebrated hoods.

  • North End


    North End, Boston.
  • The Loop


    The Loop, Chicago.
  • Hollywood

    Los Angeles

    Hollywood, Los Angeles.
  • Midtown

    New York

    Midtown, New York.
  • Fisherman's Wharf

    San Francisco

    Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco.
  • Capitol Hill

    Washington, DC

    Capitol Hill, Washington, DC.

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