The Craziest Clubs Around the Globe

The Craziest Clubs Around the Globe

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Jul 10, 2012 —  Some clubs are all about their upscale exclusivity and vogue insiders. Others are renowned for their DJs and their music. And then there are the clubs that lose the pretense and simply bring the crazy.

These are the places where hedonism is not just prevalent but highly encouraged, and debauched behavior goes entirely unchecked. Places where you can leave the judgment of reality and step into a transformed warehouse where flashing neon illuminates the makeshift dancefloor and flashing strobe lights highlight dark corner rendezvous.

You can dress to the nines if you want, but most people just shed the layers and show some skin, knowing that things inside are going to get hot and heavy. Below are the craziest clubs in the world, known for fusing together the hard-hitting music and wild dance floors of big DJ clubs with the sexy clientele of an upscale joint, all while adding a splash of uninhibited shamelessness.

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    Beacher's Madhouse

    Club / Members Club

    Beacher's Madhouse - Club | Members Club in Los Angeles.
    Los Angeles

    Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
    7000 Hollywood Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
    (entrance on Orange Street
    south of Hollywood Boulevard)


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    The Zoo Project

    Club / Outdoor Bar

    The Zoo Project - Club | Outdoor Bar in Ibiza.

    The Abandoned Zoo
    Benimussa Hills

    685 987 933

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    The Box

    Bar / Club / Lounge

    The Box - Bar | Club | Lounge in New York.
    New York

    189 Chrystie Street
    New York, NY 10002


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    The Church


    The Church - Club in London.

    Electric Brixton
    Town Hall Parade
    London SW2 1RJ

    020 8898 7007

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    Berghain / Panorama Bar


    Berghain / Panorama Bar - Club in Berlin.

    Am Wriezener Bahnhof 1
    10243 Berlin

    030 29360210

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    Lounge / Restaurant

    Nektar - Lounge | Restaurant in Munich.

    Stubenvollstrasse 1
    81667 Munich

    089 45911311

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User Comments

Alex K. Jul 31, 2012
My roommate from freshmen year would agree with you on that one. Supper Club is one of her favorite go-to spots in LA.
Danny M. Jul 29, 2012
Zoo Project seems like it's absolutely nuts...even for Ibiza
Deepak H. Jul 27, 2012
Nobody cares about the supper club in Los Angeles anymore?? Now that is a party with style!
Anonymous Jul 26, 2012
Love a good Oompah Loompah for bottle service.
Anonymous Jul 26, 2012
I've never been to the Zoo Project but Beacher's Madhouse is a zoo. Certainly one of the most unique clubbing experiences that I've ever had. I got hit in the head by a midget on a zip line who was holding two bottles of Dom. Definitely not something that I will forget anytime soon.
Sara G. Jul 26, 2012
I think Privilege in Ibiza is definitely worthy of mentioning - partying with 10,000 of your closest friends sounds pretty crazy to me.
Anonymous Jul 26, 2012
The Box is coming to LA soon - can't wait to finally see what the fuss is about. It's going to take over the Voyeur spot - not totally sure when that officially closes down though.

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