The Best Live DJs In The World


Live DJ is NOT an Oxymoron

The Best Live DJs In The World

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Aug 23, 2012 —  There’s been a lot of talk about “button pushing” in the EDM world as of late. And while certain electronic artists are geniuses in the studio, topping the worldwide charts with their tracks, when it comes time to play for a live crowd, there’s something left to be desired. Nobody likes going to a show only to see a DJ ‘press play’ on a laptop and then wave his hands for three hours.

Luckily, there are electronic artists out there who stay true to the art of deejaying. They judge their successes by the reactions of the fans, and make their sets about engaging the crowd and knowing how to please them with live creative improvisation and entertainment. The passion of the audience, the absurd out-of-this-world light displays, the journey of the music, and sometimes the DJ leaping off the stage into the masses, all make the experience unforgettable. The DJs at these shows might not always be playing their own produced tracks, but they’re never just pressing play.

In our search for our favorite live electro entertainers in the world, we at Party Earth opened our ears and noticed that the same names kept popping up. People couldn’t stop talking about their deafening shows at places like Webster Hall, Melkweg, and Space of Sound to the point that we went insane with jealousy. So keep your eyes on the calendar for when our five chosen DJs are rolling through town, because when it comes time to perform, these guys top the charts.

  • 1

    Dada Life

    Electro House

    Dada Life
  • 2


    Electronic / Trap / Hip-Hop / Moombahton

  • 3


    Progressive House

  • 4


    Dubstep / Electro House

  • 5


    Trance / Progressive House


Who are your favorite DJs to see live?

Shirish J. Sep 12, 2012
No Party without Arty! From all the sets I have heard, I definitely think Arty ranks on top of the list!
Sridevi R. Sep 6, 2012
Dada Life is SO fun live!! Just make sure you wear clothes that you don't mind getting wet... There will be champagne showers.
Shirish J. Aug 28, 2012
I agree Arty is the one of the best upcoming DJ's and his sets are absolutely awesome but I cannot understand why Armin did not make the list. How can the most popular international DJ not make the list? There is a reason why he is the most popular DJ.
Sandy S. Aug 27, 2012
Arty!!!! one of the best kids on the block today. I have set a personal record of listening to Arty's set continuously for 15 days and still want more! Can't wait to see him at the Nocturnal Wonderland.
Deepak H. Aug 24, 2012
No Pauly D?? Sad :(
Sam A. Aug 24, 2012
Where is Digweed? He needs to be on this list.
Victor H. Aug 23, 2012
Skrillex is both a DJ and a Live DJ, awesome! Anyhow, I'm not a big fan of DJ sets but I did get to see Diplo at the Mad Descent Block Party last year in Los Angeles and I have to admit it was an awesome experience. He was performing as part of his group Major Lazer and Skerrit Bwoy was there so you can only imagine the circus on stage.
Anonymous Aug 23, 2012
Paul.. don't knock it till you've tried it!!
Anonymous Aug 23, 2012
I still think it's an oxymoron - although a Dada Life show sounds pretty insane. I would definitely see them live at Electric Zoo next week in New York if I were there - just to say I did it...once.

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