Pick Your Poison: 10 Great Global Dive Bars


	The Waterhole in Amsterdam.

The Waterhole in Amsterdam.

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Oct 2, 2012 —  Sometimes in life, all you need is an easy drink. Whether your day sounds like a sad country song, or you’re just in the mood for a night out with no frills, there’s nothing like a down-home dive bar to cure what ails you. Never mind that familiar stench of stale beer, or that your shoes stick to the floor with each step, it only adds to the charm of an authentic watering hole.

But it’s not just the dingy must that adds to a classic dive bar’s appeal. What truly makes your local dive one-of-a-kind is the ever-present cast of characters from old-timers stuck to ancient bar stools, to barflies looking to catch something for the night, to rowdy college kids looking for the cheapest drinks in town. So if you’re searching for something a little off-kilter, slightly unhinged, and deliciously dirty, check out some of our favorite dive bars from around the world.

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    The Anchored Inn

    Dive Bar

    The Anchored Inn - Dive Bar in New York.
    New York

    57 Waterbury Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11206


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    The Roost

    Dive Bar

    The Roost - Dive Bar in Los Angeles.
    Los Angeles

    3100 Los Feliz Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90039


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    Au P'tit Garage

    Dive Bar

    Au P'tit Garage - Dive Bar in Paris.

    63 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud
    75011 Paris

    01 48 07 08 12

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    Hungry Brain

    Dive Bar / Pub

    Hungry Brain - Dive Bar | Pub in Chicago.

    2319 West Belmont Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60618


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    The Waterhole

    Club / Dive Bar / Live Music Venue

    The Waterhole - Club | Dive Bar | Live Music Venue in Amsterdam.

    Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 49
    1017 Amsterdam

    020 6208904

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    Die Tagung

    Dive Bar

    Die Tagung - Dive Bar in Berlin.

    Wühlischstrasse 29
    10245 Berlin

    030 29773788

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    T.C.’s Lounge

    Dive Bar

    T.C.’s Lounge - Dive Bar in Boston.

    1 Haviland Street
    Boston, MA 02115


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    Raven Grill

    Dive Bar

    Raven Grill - Dive Bar in Washington, DC.
    Washington, DC

    3125 Mount Pleasant Street NW
    Washington, DC 20010


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    Kozy Kar

    Dive Bar

    Kozy Kar - Dive Bar in San Francisco.
    San Francisco

    1548 Polk Street
    San Francisco, CA 94109


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    Vibe Bar

    Dive Bar / Music Venue

    Vibe Bar - Dive Bar | Music Venue in London.

    91 Brick Lane
    London E1 6QL

    020 7247 3479

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What is your favorite dive bar?

Paul F. Oct 3, 2012
St. Nicks in Los Angeles - great dump. Bukowski in Boston - even greater dump.
Chris M. Oct 3, 2012
In LA: Mom's Cocktails or Renee's Courtyard or White Horse In Chicago: Justins and a lot of bars that are dive/hipster or dive/Irish hard to draw the line

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