Stag City: Best Singles Neighborhoods in Europe


	Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona

Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona

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Jun 4, 2013 —  Many single guys and gals hope to one day get married, have kids, a white picket fence around their house, and neighbors to barbecue and sip beers with. Others would rather be on their own for the rest of their days, enjoying occasional flings here and there.

No matter what the unattached want in the future, the present is a perfect time to let loose. In Europe, there’s a handful of neighborhoods that are excellent for all kinds of bachelors and bachelorettes.

There is no place more promiscuous than the Red Light District in Amsterdam, famous for its sex shops, adult entertainment theaters, and “sales” women who stand in red-lit rooms hoping to attract new clients. But beyond these stereotypical attractions, the area is in the oldest part of the city and offers a host of historic “bruine kroegen,” or brown cafés, where detached denizens can drink a pint. 

Similarly, London offers hoods like Clapham, where hundreds of young partiers and sun-seekers head to the Clapham Common for a variety of concerts and festivals. The 220-acre grassy expanse is the perfect place to meet a new sir or madam to invite out for a fun night at local bars like The Belle Vue and The Artesian.

By visiting these swanky single neighborhoods, boys and girls give themselves the best chance to get what they want – whether that’s a one-night stand or a shot to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right.

  • Red Light District


    Red Light District, Amsterdam.
  • Port Olimpic / Barceloneta


    Port Olimpic / Barceloneta, Barcelona.
  • Clapham


    Clapham, London.
  • Bastille / Oberkampf - 11eme


    Bastille / Oberkampf - 11eme, Paris.
  • Trastevere


    Trastevere, Rome.

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