Speaking The Same Language: The World’s Best Happy Hour Hoods


	The City of London

The City of London

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Mar 20, 2013 —  Diversity is what makes the world go round. If we were all the same, things would be really boring. The subtle nuances that differentiate outwardly similar people from New York City and London are fascinating. The distinction between a Londoner and Berliner, however, might be more obvious due to a language barrier.

Even though variety is the spice of life, it’s nice that we all speak the same language when it comes to happy hours. Sure, a happy hour might be called different names in Munich and Madrid, but not surprisingly, a discounted Heineken tastes just a little bit better than a full-priced one in both countries. 

Similarly, a film and television talent agent based in Los Angeles’ Culver City appreciates being able to hop from bar to bar and get delicious deals on appetizers and cocktails as much as a college student working as a travel agent (to make some extra party money) in Oude Zijds in Amsterdam. 

Dutch speakers also value saving a few bucks while visiting a plethora of pubs in a great happy hour hood in Amsterdam the same way that German speakers in the former Cold War border hood of Mitte love more Hefeweizen for their euro.

Whether someone saves a euro, pound, or dollar is a minor detail when it comes to our worldwide agreement on how awesome happy hour neighborhoods can be.

  • Oude Zijds


    Oude Zijds, Amsterdam.
  • Poblenou


    Poblenou, Barcelona.
  • Lincoln Park


    Lincoln Park, Chicago.
  • Mitte


    Mitte, Berlin.
  • Culver City

    Los Angeles

    Culver City, Los Angeles.
  • The City


    The City, London.
  • Chelsea / Flatiron

    New York

    Chelsea / Flatiron, New York.
  • Downtown / Financial District

    San Francisco

    Downtown / Financial District, San Francisco.
  • Argüelles / Bilbao


    Argüelles / Bilbao, Madrid.
  • Isarvorstadt


    Isarvorstadt, Munich.
  • Capitol Hill

    Washington, DC

    Capitol Hill, Washington, DC.
  • Les Halles / Rivoli - 1er / 2eme


    Les Halles / Rivoli - 1er / 2eme, Paris.
  • Downtown / Financial District


    Downtown / Financial District, Boston.

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