Seven of Italy's Coolest Clubs

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It's Time to Dance off Those Carbs

Club TwentyOne in Florence.

Club TwentyOne in Florence.

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Aug 6, 2012 —  Ah Italy, the land of ancient history, the birthplace of all things delicious, and home to olive-skinned beauties who know how to dress and speak with lilting accents that could topple empires. Speaking of which, what could be better than dancing all night with some of the most stunning people on the planet? While most hardcore clubbers might look to Ibiza or Berlin for their debauchery, the nightclub scene might just be Italy’s best-kept secret – besides that whole Da Vinci Code thing and the other 2,000 years of mysterious manuscripts locked up beneath the Vatican.

Young, fun-loving locals and thousands of study abroad students ready to spend every night partying keep the boot of Europe alive long after the wine bars and mellow pubs die down. This is of course assuming it isn’t August when the entire country takes a leave of absence. But for the other 11 months, you can sip whiskey at a smooth jazz club, rock out to a punk show at one of Rome’s bustling alternative venues, or dance your face off at a glamorous DJ-driven club full of jet-setters and local players.

In our quest to find Italy’s most incredibly fun venues for you, we went out and did some Robert Langdon investigating of our own, although hopefully our results won’t get us chased by any international secret societies (just a few angry bouncers). So lay down a solid foundation of fine wines and delicious appetizers during aperitivo and prepare for a long night at the coolest clubs in Italy. 

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    Micca Club


    Micca Club - Club in Rome.

    Via Pietro Micca, 7a
    00185 Rome

    06 8744 0079

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    La Maison


    La Maison - Club in Rome.

    Vicolo dei Granari, 3
    00186 Rome

    06 683 3312

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    Gilda - Club in Rome.

    Via Mario de' Fiori, 97
    00187 Rome

    06 678 4838

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    Club TwentyOne


    Club TwentyOne - Club in Florence.

    Via dei Cimatori, 13
    50122 Florence

    328 729 0849

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    Club / Lounge / Restaurant

    People getting drinks at the bar at Yab in Florence.

    Via dei Sassetti, 5
    50123 Florence

    055 215 160

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    Space Electronic


    Space Electronic - Club in Florence.

    Via Palazzuolo, 37r
    50123 Florence

    055 293 082

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    Bar / Club / Restaurant

    Dogado - Bar | Club | Restaurant in Venice.

    Cannaregio 3662, Strada Nova
    30121 Venezia

    041 5208544

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Sam A. Aug 7, 2012
I can't believe they just closed Central Park in Florence. That was the best club in Italy. Time to find a new favorite.

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