Salute! 10 Italian Bars To Make Your Mouth Water

Oibò in Florence

Oibò in Florence

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Jul 25, 2012 —  Social drinking is as much a part of the Italian culture as natural beauty, absurdly good fashion sense, and cooking up some of the most delicious food on earth – somehow even the cheese at McDonald’s seems to taste better. So it’s no wonder that finding a cool bar in Italy is about as hard as spotting a renaissance work of art (if you’re wondering how difficult that is, there’s probably a Michelangelo mural painted on the ceiling at the nearest café). But not all of these drinking holes are created equal, and while visitors wander in and out of the neon glows on the popular streets, locals and in-the-know travelers stay off the beaten path of touristy pubs and head to hip drinking destinations full of character for late-night fun.

Most nights out kick off with Italy’s sexier sounding version of Happy Hour, aperitivo, which includes snacking on finger foods and easing your way into the night by sipping on world-class wine. And all across this boot-shaped bastion of booze are watering holes ranging from swanky lounges to loud dives to cool jazz bars, making it as easy as (pizza) pie to pick a destination regardless of taste or budget.

Luckily, you won’t have to waste your precious moments mulling over the country’s countless options, because we’ve selected the coolest bars in Italy for you, leaving you plenty of time to sit back and enjoy another Limoncello as you check out the scenery sitting across the way.  

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    Dolce Vita

    Art Gallery / Bar / Wine Bar

    Dolce Vita - Art Gallery | Bar | Wine Bar in Florence.

    Piazza del Carmine
    50124 Florence

    055 284 595

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    Café / Cocktail Bar / Lounge

    Negroni - Café | Cocktail Bar | Lounge in Florence.

    Via dei Renai, 17/r
    50125 Florence

    055 243 647

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    Lounge / Outdoor Bar

    Flò - Lounge | Outdoor Bar in Florence.

    Piazzale Michelangelo, 84
    50122 Florence

    055 650 791

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    Lounge / Restaurant

    Oibò - Lounge | Restaurant in Florence.

    Borgo dei Greci, 1/1a
    50122 Florence

    055 263 8611

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    Art Gallery / Café / Cocktail Bar

    Zoe - Art Gallery | Café | Cocktail Bar in Florence.

    Via dei Renai, 13/r
    50125 Florence

    055 243 111

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    Freni e Frizioni


    Freni e Frizioni - Bar in Rome.

    Via del Politeama, 4-6
    00153 Rome

    06 4549 7499

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    Bar / Restaurant

    Miscellanea - Bar | Restaurant in Rome.

    Via della Palombella, 34/35
    00186 Rome

    06 6813 5318

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    Cocktail Bar / Wine Bar

    Fluid - Cocktail Bar | Wine Bar in Rome.

    Via del Governo Vecchio, 46/47
    00186 Rome

    06 683 2361

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    Harry's Bar

    Cocktail Bar / Historic Bar / Restaurant

    Harry's Bar - Cocktail Bar | Historic Bar | Restaurant in Venice.

    San Marco 1323, Calle Vallaresso
    30124 Venice

    041 5285777

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    Restaurant / Wine Bar

    Naranzaria - Restaurant | Wine Bar in Venice.

    San Polo 130
    30125 Venice

    041 7241035

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User Comments

Paul F. Jul 29, 2012
I think I could live on aperitivo alone. We need this concept in Los Angeles immediately.
Anonymous Jul 27, 2012
I miss aperitivo. The Italians know how to eat and drink! And Harry's Bar is the best one on this list. I love going to the other Cipriani restaurants in New York as well.
Sara G. Jul 27, 2012
The only thing better than meeting Italian men, is meeting them over wine! If I lived in Florence, I'd be a regular at Zoe for sure.
Paul F. Jul 26, 2012
Dolce Vita is amazing. Go for their aperitivo and stay for the wine. It's also a short walk to Ponte Vecchio - it's the perfect night.

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