Goodbye Holiday Hangovers, Hello Prefunc!

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Goodbye Holiday Hangovers, Hello Prefunc!

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Dec 6, 2013 —  Holiday season? More like hangover season. This time of the year means a line-up of back-to-back celebrations that’s hard even for us professional partiers to survive, but not because we can’t handle the endless nights of balls-to-the-wall raging (like we said, we’re professionals). Instead, our Achilles heel is the morning after when our bodies have a less than polite way of reminding us how much fun we had the night before.

The nausea, headaches, achy muscles, and general dehydration that come with the typical hangovers are awful. Add that to the pressure of dealing with snooty in-laws and the stress of finding a perfect present for cousin what’s-his-face, and the whole thing becomes unbearable. We’re not proud of it, but we’ve all had that moment of weakness when we’ve considered having to, dare we say it, cut back on our alcohol intake. Well, no more. We’ve found the holygrail of drinking, the perfect hangover cure: Prefunc, an herbal supplement that’s here to save your social life.

Prefunc literally means, “to start partying before the party begins,” which, in and of itself, sounds like a good idea to us. The kicker is that starting the evening with this pre-party drink means you’ll be able to party harder for longer, and not have to worry about the consequences the next day. It sounds too good to be true, but, lucky for you, it’s not.

Guys, the idea is genius. All you have to do is take one shot of Prefunc before you start drinking, and voila!, the next morning you’ll wake up as bright as a daisy—wide-eyed and ready to go. It works kind of like Popeye and his spinach. Prefunc’s special blend of herbs super charges your body, preparing it for an extended period of intoxication that night and priming it for a detox in the morning.

Among other things, Prefunc means no more punking out. Don’t let your jerk of a boss drink you under the table at your next holiday office party. Who cares if you’ve got to pick Aunt Marge up from the airport early in the morning? Start your evening with Prefunc, so you can throw back that fifth shot of tequila with dignity, and order the sixth with pride.

Want to know another way Prefunc is going to help you survive the holidays? By helping you check off your Christmas list, of course. It’s the perfect gift for just about anyone (anyone with a social life that is). So give it to your girlfriend, brother, sister, a random coworker, whoever. This lifesaver is too good not to share, which is why we decided to share this little gem with you. You’re welcome.

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Anonymous Dec 9, 2013
We gave Prefunc a trial at Roll Like Boss and have to say - it's pretty effective at preventing hangovers! Check out our review here:

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