Poets, Revolutionaries, and You: Best Global Bar Hopping Hoods


	Camden Town in London

Camden Town in London

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Mar 4, 2013 —  During the rumblings of the American Revolution in the mid 1770s, iconic figures such as Samuel Adams met with other like-minded patriots in the hidden cover of bars in Boston to begin hatching plans to overthrow the ruling British monarchy. The watchful eye of British soldiers, however, caused America’s founding fathers to hop from bar to bar to retain their secrecy.

Today, the Back Bay in Boston proudly wears its revolutionary past on its sleeve and provides patrons with good beer and cocktails to go with an intriguing history lesson. Bargoers in London’s Camden Town also have the chance to become history buffs by jumping from pub to pub, where George Orwell, Charles Dickens, and Dylan Thomas used to haunt.

From London to neighborhoods like Kreuzberg in Berlin, eager individuals have a chance to catch a buzz at more than one fine establishment while taking a glimpse back in time. If you consider yourself a creative rather than a historian, visit ‘hoods like Saint Germain in Paris and find inspiration in one of the bars that writer Jean-Paul Sartre frequented in the 40s and 50s.

After a stroll in one of these districts, you’ll realize that you’re part of a new generation in a long, proud, and famous line of global bar hoppers. Don’t be afraid to write your own history.

  • Camden Town / Islington


    Camden Town / Islington, London.
  • Downtown

    Los Angeles

    Downtown, Los Angeles.
  • Maxvorstadt


    Maxvorstadt, Munich.
  • Las Ramblas


    Las Ramblas, Barcelona.
  • East Village

    New York

    East Village, New York.
  • Sol (El Centro)


    Sol (El Centro), Madrid.
  • Wrigleyville


    Wrigleyville, Chicago.
  • Georgetown

    Washington, DC

    Georgetown, Washington, DC.
  • Trastevere


    Trastevere, Rome.
  • Mission

    San Francisco

    Mission, San Francisco.
  • Saint Germain - 6eme


    Saint Germain - 6eme, Paris.
  • Back Bay


    Back Bay, Boston.
  • Red Light District


    Red Light District, Amsterdam.
  • Kreuzberg / Neukölln


    Kreuzberg / Neukölln, Berlin.
  • Santa Croce


    Santa Croce, Florence.

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