Party Earth’s Olympic-Sized Drinking Games: PART II

Party Earth’s Olympic-Sized Drinking Games: PART II

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It’s that time that only comes along once every four years, when people all around the world drop their differences, where impossible feats of human strength and endurance are realized, and the inner drive to go on is pushed to the farthest limits…

It’s time for…Party Earth’s Olympic drinking pentathlon!

Yeah, yeah, we know it’s not as crazy as those guys who do the decathlon, but hey, we haven’t been gruelingly training for the last 4 years for a single competition, so lay off. 

So while the world’s greatest athletes take the stage in London, we at Party Earth figured out five ways to give you some extra incentive to participate in the spectacles.

But we also noticed that some events get more attention than others. Everyone knows Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps, but there are dozens of events that fly under the radar. Did you know there is Olympic white-water kayaking? How cool is that?! Anyway, we decided to not only include some of the popular contests, but also shine some light (and hopefully some viewer ratings) on the understated athletes and their incredible events. So grab a drink (or twelve) and play some drinking games during these amazing Olympic competitions. 

The Event: Archery

The Game: Individual competition in archery involves 64 participants, so grab 64 index cards and label them 1–64. Shuffle the cards (face down) and dole them out evenly to everyone who is playing. Archery begins with a round that gives every archer an initial ranking (from 1–64), and following that, they begin an elimination round pitting the first ranked against the last, the second against the 63rd, and so forth (3rd against the 62nd, etc). Anyone in your group holding a loser’s number from this round needs to drink (the amount is up to you but should be measured based on the size of the group). So if the initially 1st ranked archer goes against the 64th and loses, then the player holding the #1 card needs to drink. Proceed thusly until only one archer (and probably one player) is left standing.

The Event: Beach Volleyball

The Game: The key in this game is to spot one of the following situations before anyone else in your group and be the first to call it out using specific code word/s, after which everyone else in the group has to take a drink. The situations are as follows:

- The ball goes out of bounds. Your group members’ call must be made BEFORE or AT THE SAME TIME as the referee’s. CODE WORD: Out!

- Anyone gets a ball to the face. CODE WORD: Doh!

- A competitor has to make an obvious adjustment to their shorts/bikini bottoms. CODE WORD: Crack!

- An announcer of the women’s competition makes a comment on what a player is wearing. CODE WORD: Hallelujah! 

- Someone indicates a block signal. A block signal is held behind a player’s back and usually involves a closed fist, one finger, two fingers, or an open hand. If a member of your group spots the block signal, everyone else has to drink. But if they can accurately recall how many fingers were displayed, everyone else has to drink a second time. CODE WORD: Spy!

The Event: Table Tennis

The Game: The key to the table tennis drinking game is prediction. Just before a serve, everyone in your group has to shout out how long they think the impending rally will last. More than one player can say the same number. During the round, count up how many times the players went back-and-forth, and the member of your group with the closest guess is absolved from drinking, while everyone else must drink. BONUS: If a non-Chinese competitor manages to avoid getting obliterated early on, you need to imbibe literally every drop of alcohol in the house, because it’s probably a sign of End Times.

The Event: Track and Field

The Game: Track and Field is one of the more involved events at the Olympics since it combines several disciplines, including running, jumping, throwing, and combined events. As such, this drinking game requires considerable attention to play properly. For all of the running events, participants must chug a beer anytime someone from Kenya, Jamaica, or the US finishes out of the Top 3. For jumping events participants must chug a beer anytime a record is broken. For throwing events, participants must chug a beer anytime NBC broadcasts a slow motion shot of awkward faces mid-throw.

The Event: Trampoline

The Game: You’re watching Trampoline? Drink.

User Comments

Chris M. Aug 13, 2012
Now that the Olympics are over, drink every time you actually here about an Olympian who is not also a professional athlete
Deepak H. Aug 8, 2012
Here is another one for the track and field... Best done for 100m. As soon as the race starts, start chugging a beer. If you finish the beer faster than the runner finish the race, Take a shot! Congrats- You are officially faster than Usain Bolt!
Chris M. Aug 7, 2012
After watching a few hurdles races, I think drinking for every hurdle that gets knocked over would be a good rule. Finish your drink if the runner is finished after hitting the hurdle. Take a shot if a runner hits the first hurdle of their first race in their first Olympics and stops running - I saw that one happen.
Sam A. Aug 3, 2012
Trampoline is an Olympic sport?
Chad F. Aug 3, 2012
Chris M. Aug 3, 2012
I watched trampoline this morning before work...

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