Party Earth’s Olympic-Sized Drinking Games: PART I

Party Earth’s Olympic-Sized Drinking Games: PART I

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Jul 26, 2012 —  The Olympics are nearly upon us! That awe-inspiring international event when thousands of athletes from all over the world come together to display incredible feats of strength, agility, speed, and once again try to convince us that race walking doesn’t just look like a mass of people trying to covertly find a bathroom.

Specific event opinions aside, the Olympics are probably the only global activity where representatives from almost every country on Earth participate. It’s a time when politics and blind nationalism give way to the very core of the human spirit; when prowess is indifferent to profit; when astonishingly dedicated preparation can be laid to waste in a fraction of a second.

And when 100-pound women send ping-pong balls rocketing with such speed you wonder why the military hasn’t hired them for assault squads.

But before we investigate rumors of covert experiments to create Teenage Mutant Ping-ja Turtles, we at Party Earth have something else in mind that’s better suited for those of us forced to watch the 2012 Olympic Games from afar: drinking games!

Sure, alcohol-related contests paired with sports viewing are nothing new. But neither are the Olympics...and they seem to be doing okay.

So without further ado – we present Part I of our Olympic-Sized Drinking Games series:

The Opening Ceremonies!

1. Every time the announcer talks about how much work went in to setting up the Games this year, drink.

2. Every time the announcer mentions how something perfectly represents the host country’s culture, drink.

3. Every time they show an adorable child somehow involved in the ceremony, drink.

4. If any birds are released, drink.

5. Every time the announcer has to tirelessly explain some culturally relevant display so the rest of the world can understand it, drink.

6. During the procession, every participant must drink for every flag they don’t recognize (this one could get ugly).

7. Lay out enough shots for everyone in your group. Set them aflame. Every time the torch is passed, take a shot.

8. As the opening ceremony comes to a close, drink every time the announcer says the words “magical,” “magnificent,” or some permutation of “we can only imagine what lies in store.”

User Comments

Sam A. Aug 7, 2012
You will dominate #10! You can add mozzarella sticks.
Alex K. Jul 31, 2012
Or every time Apple gets free advertising during The Games, Parade of Nations included.
Anonymous Jul 30, 2012
Should have taken a drink every time an Olympian was filming the procession using their iPad
Deepak H. Jul 27, 2012
Every time it rains in London during the games...take a shot!
Deepak H. Jul 27, 2012
This one is called "Drink till he drops". Daniel Craig is supposed to be jumping out of a chopper (Spoiler Alert!!). Start chugging beer as soon as he jumps until he hits the ground!
Anonymous Jul 27, 2012
drink every time they cut away to an inspirational clip about the hardships this athlete had to overcome to get where they are today
Matt Y. Jul 27, 2012
Every time they show anyone in the royal famly. Every time they show an athlete filming the ceremony. Every time they show a country that you have traveled to.
Paula P. Jul 27, 2012
Also, see: I like the "fit kid, fat parents" one haha.
Anonymous Jul 27, 2012
Every time the announcer talks about how much work went in to setting up the Games this year, drink.
Alex K. Jul 26, 2012
How about every time they show Phelps' mom during the swim meets?
Danny M. Jul 26, 2012
You can also have your own personal decathlon with events like: 1. Beer Pong 2. Ice Luge (although more appropriate for winter Olympics) 3. Funnel competition 4. Beer can stacking competition 5. Shotgun beer race 6. Team flip cup 7. Country vs. country vodka/beer/alcohol competitions (i.e. Russian vodka vs. Swedish vodka) 8. The breathalyzer competition...see who can score the highest 9. Endurance competition...see who can drink for the longest period of time without going to the bathroom 10. And to cap everything off...the greasy food eating competition (e.g. grilled cheese, wings, etc.).
Sridevi R. Jul 26, 2012
+ Drink every time an announcer says something like "she really needs to land this" and jinxes the routine
Victor H. Jul 26, 2012
The Teenage Mutant Ping-ja Turtles reference alone was worth the read. Let's take it up a notch and add some Olympic Drinking Sports: 1. The Walk And Turn 2. The One Leg Stand 3. The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus
Anonymous Jul 26, 2012
I've seen Beckham in person, he's certainly worth drinking for...
Anonymous Jul 26, 2012
Other possibilities: 1. Drink every time a former medalist is paraded out 2. Drink every time fireworks go off 3. Drink every time an announcer mispronounces a country
Anonymous Jul 26, 2012
Costas is at his best during the Olympics. Should lead to a long night of drinking. You guys should incorporate Beckham into this game. I heard he is supposed to make a guest appearance.

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