Out of the Underground: Unique Neighborhoods Around the World


	Venice, CA

Venice, CA

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May 8, 2013 —  Seasoned travelers understand that really getting to know a city means escaping the standard tourist traps in favor of authentic hubs that show off each neighborhood’s diverse flavor. From the eclectic to the outlandish, weird and wonderful neighborhoods around the world are sure to satisfy your search for all things strange.

In San Francisco’s iconic Haight, remnants of flower power still linger like the cannabis clouds that seem to collect at every corner. From tie-dyed headshops and vintage markets to specialty bookstores, Haight is a capital for the underground and independent.

L.A.’s answer to the Bay’s rebellious spirit is Venice, a sunny haven for Angelenos looking to live as far as possible from the mainstream. Artists, skaters, musicians, and roaming nomads of all sorts come to this beach neighborhood for sun, smokes, and spiritual outsiders. On the weekends, a massive drum circle celebrates the sunset, while welcoming wide-eyed visitors to take part in what seems like a weekly preparation for Burning Man.

Over in Amsterdam, the notorious Red Light District offers everything from historic brown bars to legal brothels. Drinkers can take part in ancient Dutch traditions by downing pints of local brews while the curious can check out the sultry women in the red-lit windows. At Casa Rosso, gutsy revelers join the wild crowd at the oldest erotic show in the city.

Whatever you do, don’t get herded around with a fannypack-wearing posse. Instead, step off the well-trodden trails and discover some of the most unique neighborhoods around the world.

  • The Haight

    San Francisco

    The Haight, San Francisco.
  • Pigalle - 9eme


    Pigalle - 9eme, Paris.
  • Venice

    Los Angeles

    Venice, Los Angeles.
  • Red Light District


    Red Light District, Amsterdam.
  • Kreuzberg / Neukölln


    Kreuzberg / Neukölln, Berlin.
  • Adams Morgan

    Washington, DC

    Adams Morgan, Washington, DC.
  • Brixton


    People gather outside the doors of White Horse in Brixton, London.
  • Glockenbach


    Glockenbach, Munich.
  • Glockenbach


    Glockenbach, Munich.
  • Chinatown / Nolita

    New York

    Markets in Chinatown, New York.
  • Malasaña / Chueca


    Malasaña / Chueca, Madrid.
  • Nieuwe Zijds


    Nieuwe Zijds, Amsterdam.

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