No Filter Necessary: The World’s Most Picturesque Hoods


	Cannaregio, Venice

Cannaregio, Venice

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May 16, 2013 —  Everyone is a photographer these days. Smartphones and Instagram allow global guys and gals to snap pictures and apply filters to obtain a stylized look. Applications like Facebook and Twitter are jam-packed with hundreds of touched-up photos of palm trees, fire hydrants, and street graffiti that would otherwise be considered bland.

It’s great that people are enjoying capturing shots from mundane, everyday life and turning them into something sexy. However, the world is home to a multitude of neighborhoods that don’t need help looking picturesque.

Take the beautiful Poble Sec in Barcelona, for example. The Spanish region is home to bustling – yet quaint – Avinguda del Paral-lel and the majestic Montjuic, an ancient Roman hill that gently rises up from the Plaça d'Espanya. Similarly in Amsterdam, Jordaan’s peaceful canals, tree-lined streets, and sixteenth-century quarters appear prettier than a well-dressed movie set.

The U.S. boasts its fair share of handsome hoods, too. In Chicago, both locals and tourists have to stop and stare at the slew of tasteful, traditional mansions and charming, modern-day high-rises. Nearly 800 miles away in New York City, West Village features old-timey cobblestone streets and winding alleys that couldn’t be dreamed up.

While an Instagram filter is cool, sometimes not having to use one is cooler. There’s no need to use any picture-altering applications in these global areas.

  • Jordaan


    Jordaan, Amsterdam.
  • Poble Sec


    Poble Sec, Barcelona.
  • Mitte


    Mitte, Berlin.
  • Back Bay


    Back Bay, Boston.
  • San Lorenzo


    San Lorenzo, Florence.
  • Gold Coast


    Gold Coast, Chicago.
  • Maxvorstadt


    Maxvorstadt, Munich.
  • West Village

    New York

    West Village, New York.
  • Montmartre - 18eme


    Montmartre - 18eme, Paris.
  • Centro


    Centro, Rome.
  • Malibu

    Los Angeles

    Malibu, Los Angeles.
  • The Sunset

    San Francisco

    The Sunset, San Francisco.
  • Cannaregio


    Cannaregio, Venice.

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