New Blends and Old Fashioneds: Great Cocktail Bars Around the World


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Oct 31, 2012 —  For classic blends and tipples, there’s nothing more satisfying than a great cocktail bar or lounge. With top-shelf whiskeys and exotic spirits, cocktail bars around the world have been serving up the Old Fashioned to generations of drinkers in the exact same way since before you were born. But while they share some of the same time-tested standards, cocktail bars each have their own unique flavor.

These classic watering holes range from historic speakeasies where flappers channel their inner Gatsby and jive until dawn, to upscale lounges attracting swarms of fashionistas and wannabe Don Drapers. And in authentic dives, young crowds of aspiring artists sip blends of flame-tinged absinthe from the same booths where icons like Pablo Picasso and William S. Burroughs once sat and imbibed liquid inspiration.

Whether you’re a gin fanatic or want to discover something entirely new off an extensive drink menu, cocktail bars have something for everyone. But with hundreds of places to choose from, find the best cocktail bars with our list of favorites from all around the world.

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    The Lab Bar

    Cocktail Bar

    The Lab Bar - Cocktail Bar in London.

    12 Old Compton Street
    London W1d 4TQ

    020 7437 7820

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    The Summit Bar

    Cocktail Bar

    The Summit Bar - Cocktail Bar in New York.
    New York

    133 Avenue C
    New York, NY 10009

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    Bacardi Mojito Lab

    Bar / Lounge / Rum Bar

    Bacardi Mojito Lab - Bar | Lounge | Rum Bar in Paris.

    28 Rue Keller
    Paris 75011

    01 75 77 23 95

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    Bar Centro at the SLS Beverly Hills

    Cocktail Bar / Hotel Bar / Lounge / Restaurant

    Inside the swanky Bar Centro in Beverly Hills.
    Los Angeles

    SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills
    465 South La Cienega Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90048


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    Jansen Bar

    Cocktail Bar

    Jansen Bar - Cocktail Bar in Berlin.

    Gotenstrasse 71
    10829 Berlin

    0175 7123173

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    Cocktail Bar / Lounge

    Rickhouse - Cocktail Bar | Lounge in San Francisco.
    San Francisco

    246 Kearny Street
    San Francisco, CA 94108


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    Cocktail Bar

    Miramelindo - Cocktail Bar in Barcelona.

    Passeig del Born, 15

    93 310 37 27

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    Le Bar

    Cocktail Bar / Hotel Bar / Lounge

    Le Bar - Cocktail Bar | Hotel Bar | Lounge in Chicago.

    Sofitel Chicago Water Tower
    20 East Chestnut Street
    Chicago, IL 60611


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    28 Degrees

    Cocktail Bar / Lounge / Restaurant

    28 Degrees - Cocktail Bar | Lounge | Restaurant in Boston.

    1 Appleton Street
    Boston, MA 02116


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    Cocktail Bar / Wine Bar

    Fluid - Cocktail Bar | Wine Bar in Rome.

    Via del Governo Vecchio, 46/47
    00186 Rome

    06 683 2361

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What are your favorite cocktail bars?

Sam A. Nov 4, 2012
The Lab Bar is awesome. Those bartenders know how to make a drink.
Victor H. Oct 31, 2012
But do they serve PBR?

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