Mansions, Monuments, and More: America’s Most Historic Hoods


	There aren't many American hoods more historic than Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

There aren't many American hoods more historic than Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

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Sep 6, 2013 —  You make history every time you brush your teeth in the morning. Sure it’s not the Gettysburg Address or Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, but it’s another paragraph on another page in your personal story.

Day-to-day life understandably grows dull. Sometimes people need a little bit of inspiration and context as to why waking up every day means something. Though the United States of America is a young nation, the red, white, and blue offers a potpourri of neighborhoods that wear history like a fitted, vintage t-shirt.

Chicago’s Gold Coast is full of traditional mansions that recall days gone by. The hood – which is part of the National Register of Historic Places – is considered one of the most affluent in the country, despite its 1950s dives and pubs which turn out massive amounts of hangovers nightly.

Meanwhile, there aren’t many more important American areas than Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. There, residents walk by the Capitol building (where some of America’s most crucial laws have been drafted) and a bevy of other iconic, neoclassical edifices. 

Out west, there’s no locale with more glitz and glamour than Hollywood. Locals and tourists alike feel the rich entertainment history oozing through their veins as they try to fit their hands in prints along the Walk of Fame and cruise by mansions formerly owned by legends and starlets.

Don’t miss a chance to make your personal history a little bit more monumental by heading to one of these awesome American neighborhoods. 

  • North End


    North End, Boston.
  • Capitol Hill

    Washington, DC

    Capitol Hill, Washington, DC.
  • Gold Coast


    Gold Coast, Chicago.
  • Chinatown

    San Francisco

    Chinatown, San Francisco.
  • Lower East Side

    New York

    Lower East Side, New York.
  • Hollywood

    Los Angeles

    Hollywood, Los Angeles.

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