Like a Local: Experiencing Authentic Neighborhoods Around the World


	De Pijp, Amsterdam

De Pijp, Amsterdam

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May 6, 2013 —  As the weather warms up, hordes of tourists decked out in matching shirts and fanny packs get ready to swarm major cities for vacation season.

In Los Angeles and New York City, iconic hotspots like Hollywood Boulevard and Times Square can start to feel pretty claustrophobic. Meanwhile, over in Barcelona, Las Ramblas seems squeezed by foot traffic from less adventurous spirits with their noses stuck in guidebooks. So instead of seeing the same old sights and taking the same selfies as everybody else, follow the footsteps of savvy travelers to authentic neighborhoods around the world.

In L.A., years of immigration have established Echo Park as home to some of the most authentic Mexican, Salvadorian, and Filipino restaurants in the city. Meanwhile, music lovers enjoy venues like The Echo and Echoplex, which have featured everyone from local rapper Bambu to The Rolling Stones.

And over in NYC, as Manhattan welcomes thousands of daily tourists to come enjoy its cleaned-up image, those looking for the quintessential New York experience head to Bushwick in Brooklyn. With plenty of warehouse concerts, emerging art galleries, and the legendary eating haven of La Isla Cuchifritos (“Island of Friend Pork”), Bushwick offers something for culture hounds of all sorts.

Across the Atlantic, the residential neighborhood of Poble Sec in Barcelona offers a glimpse of daily Catalan life away from the scripted schedules of tourist books. With plenty of cafés and bars that cater to locals, Poble Sec features some of the most legitimate flavors, sights, and sounds in Barcelona.

Whether you’re looking to check out a city’s underground music scene or just want to experience life for a day as a local, the world’s major cities provide plenty of chances to venture off the beaten path. So ditch your guidebook and get ready to explore some of the most authentic neighborhoods around the globe.

  • De Pijp


    De Pijp, Amsterdam.
  • Poble Sec


    Poble Sec, Barcelona.
  • Kreuzberg / Neukölln


    Kreuzberg / Neukölln, Berlin.
  • Dorchester / Jamaica Plain


    Dorchester / Jamaica Plain, Boston.
  • North Center / Roscoe Village


    North Center / Roscoe Village, Chicago.
  • Oltrarno


    Oltrarno, Florence.
  • Shoreditch / Brick Lane


    Shoreditch / Brick Lane, London.
  • Echo Park

    Los Angeles

    Echo Park, Los Angeles.
  • North / Nuevos Ministerios


    North / Nuevos Ministerios, Madrid.
  • Glockenbach


    Glockenbach, Munich.
  • Bushwick

    New York

    Bushwick, New York.
  • 13eme


    13eme, Paris.
  • Pigneto


    Pigneto, Rome.
  • Western Addition

    San Francisco

    Western Addition, San Francisco.
  • Columbia Heights

    Washington, DC

    Columbia Heights, Washington, DC.

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