Las Vegas vs. Macau: Which is the Top Gambling City?

Las Vegas vs. Macau: Which is the Top Gambling City?

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Nov 24, 2016 —  Since Macau was crowned the gambling destination of the world in 2006 as it became the highest-grossing gambling city from the 36 bustling casinos that are still open today, there have been many fans of Las Vegas who are begging for the crown to come back.

However, we’re taking a look at the possibility of Las Vegas regaining the crown, and while the two cities are indeed exceptionally different, you can be sure that there will be a strong fight to become the top gambling city in the world once again.

What Makes Las Vegas And Macau So Different?

One of the biggest reasons that Macau attracted so many people in order to help them boost their profits to overtake Las Vegas, is the fact that it is a completely different entity. Throughout the rest of China, and much of Asia, gambling is illegal or very frowned upon and because of this, the introduction of legal gambling in one particular city made it very popular, very quickly.

While this was a similar scenario in America when Nevada introduced legal gambling, this happened a very long time ago when compared to the introduction gambling in Macau. On top of this, the type of gambling that happens in Macau is far removed from the gambling in Las Vegas.

A lot of what people see Las Vegas as, is a party destination to fool around the casino tables in the hope of winning some money. In casino destinations like Las Vegas, blackjack myths, poker stories and other superstitions are in abundance, whereas in Macau, you’re unlikely to see this type of attitude.

While of course there are many serious tournaments and veteran casino-goers that do take the games seriously, the generic Las Vegas attitude is one of fun. However, in Macau, there is a far more serious attitude when it comes to gambling, and while there is a family centric vibe, the majority of people here will gamble drinking tea in order to keep a focused mind – instead of drinking any free alcohol that is being promoted.


One of the biggest problems to have hit Macau is the three years of contraction that it has experienced. While the casinos are expected to grow in 2017, this has had a huge impact on Macau’s economy in the meantime. In 2015, GDP in Macau dropped 20.3 percent, and many of the high-rollers in the game were scared off due to China’s anti-corruption campaign.

Las Vegas on the other hand, has been benefiting from an increase in tourists over the past few years, and with the Nevada economy being on a roll, there is a chance that if it continues it may regain its crown.

While there is a global market for the casino experience that Las Vegas has been selling for many years, Macau really did take a massive hit when it came to the drop in economy. However with a target audience of 2 billion people, it is highly likely that they will get back on their feet again, casting a shadow over the prospect of Ls Vegas becoming the world’s biggest destination, but it is certain to keep its tourist population high.

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