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	The Mission in San Francisco

The Mission in San Francisco

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Mar 6, 2013 —  Throughout the past hundred years, Europe and the United States have been sites of experimentation for generations of artist-rebels. From the jazz cafés of the Lost Generation to the acid tests of the Beats, cities around the world have launched and preserved entire waves of art and culture.

Today’s brand of culture hound goes by the sometimes-derogatory, sometimes-ironic label of “hipster”. No one really knows just how to define hipsters, but the catch-all term has been used to describe everyone from diehard audiophiles to fair trade foodies.

The fact that no one labeled “hipster” calls themselves a “hipster” leads to an endless feedback of irony that has garnered commentary from the likes of everyone from philosophical badass Slavoj Zizek to the show, Portlandia. So instead of trying to figure out what the hell a hipster is, get a snapshot of the zeitgeist by soaking up the scenes at hipster neighborhoods around the world.

Some of the best street art on the planet can be found at El Raval in Barcelona, right next to iconic works by living legends at the MACBA (Museum of Modern Art). In the Parisian streets of the Bastille, stylish young revolutionaries trade pamphlets over fierce debates on the 2006 anti-CPE demonstrations. Across the pond in New York’s Williamsburg, college kids pack out readings at indie bookstores before heading for the clubs to dance until dawn.

So get ready to explore the eclectic shops, restaurants, galleries, and clubs across the country. From Dadaist exhibits to underground warehouse parties, hipster neighborhoods around the world are sure to offer the authentic scene you’re looking for.

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    Bastille / Oberkampf - 11eme


    Bastille / Oberkampf - 11eme, Paris.
  • 2

    Silver Lake

    Los Angeles

    Silver Lake, Los Angeles.
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    El Raval


    El Raval, Barcelona.
  • 4


    New York

    Williamsburg, New York.
  • 5

    Kreuzberg / Neukölln


    Kreuzberg / Neukölln, Berlin.
  • 6

    Wicker Park / Bucktown


    Wicker Park / Bucktown, Chicago.
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    Fontana del Buontalenti in the Oltrarno quarter in Florence.
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    H Street Corridor

    Washington, DC

    H Street Corridor, Washington, DC.
  • 9



    Dalston, London.
  • 10


    San Francisco

    Mission, San Francisco.
  • 11

    Malasaña / Chueca


    Malasaña / Chueca, Madrid.
  • 12

    Allston / Brighton


    Allston / Brighton, Boston.
  • 13

    San Lorenzo


    San Lorenzo, Rome.

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