Globespotting: 24 Hours in Paris

Globespotting: 24 Hours in Paris



Culture / Landmark / Outdoor Activity / Shopping Area

Sacré-Coeur - Culture | Landmark | Outdoor Activity | Shopping Area in Paris.
Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

Outdoor Activity / Park

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont - Outdoor Activity | Park in Paris.
La Marine

Bar / Café / Restaurant

La Marine - Bar | Café | Restaurant in Paris.
La Machine du Moulin Rouge

Bar / Club / Live Music Venue

La Machine du Moulin Rouge - Bar | Club | Live Music Venue in Paris.

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Sep 25, 2012 —  Paris is perhaps the most romanticized city in the world. High school girls dream of spending flirtatious summers here, college kids drink their way through Parisian bars in search of the ghost of Picasso, and adults dream of quitting their jobs and moving here to become writers and artists. The fact of the matter is, it would simply be impossible to experience even a twentieth of all that Paris has to offer in one day, but there’s certainly no harm in trying. And with that in mind, Party Earth has created a day’s itinerary to take you on a whirlwind love affair with the City of Light.

Begin your morning in the Montmartre neighborhood where the quaint cobblestone streets will send you back to an era of 19th-century romance. If you’re planning on visiting the Sacré-Coeur or you just want to grab a pain au chocolat and a latté, Le Coquelicot des Abbesses is the perfect place to collect yourself before you begin the day. This charming bakery’s wooden floorboards, weathered stonewalls, and painted poppies murals will make you feel as if you stepped into a van Gogh painting.

To continue the trend of things reminiscent of an impressionist masterpiece, continue to the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, a picturesque Parisian garden known for the historic Temple of Sybil, a stone gazebo that sits atop an island in the middle of the park’s lake. Cross over to the island on the small bridge and follow the steps to one of the most scenic lookout spots in all of Paris. While you’re at the park, venture down the marked leafy path that will lead you into the woods where you will find the Rosa Bonheur tavern. This hidden whimsical gem is the ideal place to grab a bottle of wine, some tasty goodies, and sprawl out on the grass for a picnic. Spend the afternoon enjoying the open space with the international hipsters who are pondering their next artsy endeavor.

As you make your way back to Montmartre, order an appetizer and a glass of wine and while the day away at the neighborhood’s most popular canal side café, La Marine. Strike up some casual conversation with the young professionals and couples who relax on the patio near the canal while enjoying La Marine’s excellent Planter’s Punch.

When you’re ready for dinner, head over to Le Chat Noir, a modern-day rendition of the iconic 19th-century cabaret of the same name. Although it was once known to be the sleazy go-to spot for famous writers and painters, Le Chat Noir has now dropped the table dancers and instead brought in candlelit tables and romantic jazz acts.

If you’re looking for a less formal chance to grab a drink, the Happy Hour and thick drinks menu make Le Chat Noir the best place to pregame a late night of dancing at La Machine du Moulin Rouge. This nightclub is reminiscent of the infamous Moulin Rouge, but La Machine du Moulin Rouge offers more modern fun, without the can-can show, and at half the price. The 800-person venue attracts some of the hottest DJs and swankiest crowds who have all come to dance and sweat their worries away. With an L-shaped bar, an enormous dance floor, and a mezzanine with comfortable seating, La Machine provides its patrons with the perfect ending to a very full day of Parisian sightseeing.

What are your favorite spots in Paris?

Lauren A. Sep 28, 2012
Try to get to Le Castiglione for their apple tart and Café de Flore for amazing lattes and omelets (or pretty much anything on the menu).
Sam A. Sep 25, 2012
They're the worst. Expect to get crushed if you're not on your game.
Paul F. Sep 25, 2012
Watch out for the con-artists and pickpockets at Sacré-Coeur!

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