Global Party-Hopper: Seven Nightlife Areas You Can't Miss

Global Party-Hopper: Seven Nightlife Areas You Can't Miss

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Jul 17, 2012 —  There’s nothing worse than heading out with your friends to a bar, realizing upon arrival that the place is dead, and being stuck there for the rest of the night. Okay so maybe we’re exaggerating. There are much worse things that could happen to you ­– like having to dish out perfectly good drink money to pay for a taxi to another joint that could be just as dead as the first one! It’s okay if you just shivered. We did too.

But before those nightmares of boring clubs and taxi fares set in, remember that the best party cities around the world are teeming with bustling nightlife areas. Neighborhoods where drinking holes for all tastes are packed onto the same street and hordes of partygoers jump from one to the other without the dreaded fear of an “off night”.

These popping areas are a maximizer’s paradise; where there is always a choice when you need a change of setting. For the rowdy bunches, imagine eating tapas at a Spanish café, toasting frosty beers next door, and then running across the street for some loco shots – all while high-fiving strangers along the way. And you girls who love the high-life (not Miller. The actual high-life), there’s nothing like hitting four world-class clubs in the same night, all in a short enough distance to keep those Jimmy Choo’s from giving you blisters.

Below are some of the best nightlife areas in the world that have something for everyone, where you can eat a great dinner, turn the night into your own private pub/bar/club crawl, and find those late night munchies – best of all without having to hail down a cab. 

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    Hollywood Boulevard

    Culture / Landmark / Nightlife Area / Outdoor Activity / Shopping Area

    Hollywood Boulevard - Culture | Landmark | Nightlife Area | Outdoor Activity | Shopping Area in Los Angeles.
    Los Angeles

    Hollywood Boulevard between La Brea Avenue and Vine Street
    Hollywood, CA 90028

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    Rue de la Huchette

    Nightlife Area

    Rue de la Huchette - Nightlife Area in Paris.

    Rue de la Huchette
    75005 Paris

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    U Street Corridor NW

    Nightlife Area / Outdoor Activity / Shopping Area

    U Street Corridor NW - Nightlife Area | Outdoor Activity | Shopping Area in Washington, DC.
    Washington, DC

    Between 9th Street and 17th Street,
    and Florida Avenue and S Street NW

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    Plaça Reial

    Nightlife Area / Outdoor Activity / Square

    Plaça Reial - Nightlife Area | Outdoor Activity | Square in Barcelona.

    Plaça Reial
    08002 Barcelona

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    Rush & Division

    Nightlife Area

    Rush & Division - Nightlife Area in Chicago.

    Intersection of Rush Street and Division Street
    Chicago, IL 60611

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    Nightlife Area

    Testaccio - Nightlife Area in Rome.

    Via di Monte Testaccio
    00153 Rome

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    North Beach

    Nightlife Area

    North Beach - Nightlife Area in San Francisco.
    San Francisco

    Primarily the area east along Broadway Street and north along Columbus Avenue at the Broadway/Columbus intersection
    San Francisco, CA 94133

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Sydnee B. Dec 20, 2012
For those visiting the most southern tip of California, I recommend venturing to The Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego. From speakeasies, to dive bars to premiere night clubs, this area has all you need for a good time. My personal favorite hot spot is the young nightclub, FLUXX. What makes this venue so unique is the constant theme changes created by the FLUXX team. From employee attire to dance performances to interior décor, you can always expect something different at FLUXX.
Gabe L. Aug 6, 2012
I did a bar crawl one night in Rome through Tescaccio. It was my first encounter with other Americans in 5 months, so I was ecstatic to not be the tolken American for once. The bars were a lot of fun, with people doing body shots off the bar, and cute Finnish girls being enamored by the fact that I was from the ever exotic California. For this list I would go to the Marina or the Mission over North Beach in San Francisco. The Mission has some crazy bars to go to full with hipsters drinking Blue Moons and playing pool, and the neighborhood is full of great drunchie food like pupusas. The Marina is like a post-college Greek Row. Nightclubs and bars are full of graduate frat stars and sorority girls ready to drink you under the table. And if you're like me, you'll accept the challenge and end up at Denny's eating potato soup and toast at 4 am.
Alex K. Jul 31, 2012
Rush & Division!! There's something going on everywhere you look at night and it has a variety of places with many different types of scenes.
Anonymous Jul 30, 2012
Knife Party knows of some place called Rage Valley, I can only assume that's a pretty sweet nightlife corridor.
Danny M. Jul 27, 2012
Three words: Ben's Chili Bowl
Danny M. Jul 27, 2012
U Street is cool in DC but I love18th Street in Adams Morgan (close to U Street as well if you want an extended bar crawl). It's great to stumble around to a ton of different types of bars with various styles, music, age ranges, etc. Can't go without making a late night pitstop for a jumbo slice of pizza at the end of the night.
Chad F. Jul 27, 2012
Would love to visit U Street someday!
Sara G. Jul 26, 2012
Although it's hard to imagine partying in the awful humidity that takes over summers in Chicago, I love the diversity of Rush & Division's nightlife area. There are rowdy, more low-key spots like Butch McGuire's and there are also higher-end spots like Proof and Privet.
Anonymous Jul 26, 2012
I agree, 1st Fridays is one of the best times to go to Abbot Kinney. Tons of people there!
Nisha S. Jul 26, 2012
I would definitely add Abbot Kinney and Main Street in Venice to this list. The area is always packed with people on weekend nights, and especially on 1st Fridays. There are also tons of options for fun bars like The Otheroom, Basement Tavern, and 31Ten.
Matt A. Jul 26, 2012
Amazing how the U Street Corridor has transformed over the years. Agree that its a great place to go and be able to scout out the best spots just by walking around. So many great bars. On summer days like this I'll take a rooftop though - Local 16's rooftop is usually the first stop. Cafe Saint Ex and Bar Pilar are also on the rotation.

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