Global Nightlife: The Most Exclusive Clubs


Requirements = Looks, Money, and Fame

Proof in Chicago.

Proof in Chicago.

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Jul 13, 2012 —  If you like VIP treatment, taking shots with celebrities, and being the envy of every person stuck in the hundred-yard long line outside, then high-end nightclubs were made for you.

Beyond the velvet ropes of upscale clubs is another world, catering to those with money, class, stardom, and style. Where under the sexy low lighting, svelte cocktail waitresses serve detailed drinks to playboys in Armani and fashionistas wearing every designer you could name down Fifth Avenue.

But don’t be fooled by the ultrachic décor and ornate frills – the inhabitants of these decadent dens still know how to party. They just party with more expensive drinks and more famous people while looking better than your average reveler. Oh, and with all the wealth and standing flowing through these venues, they also get to dance to the hottest DJs normally reserved for 10,000-person shows.

The most exclusive of upscale clubs are places that the common partygoer (especially men…and especially men without a ton of dough) may only dream about, but for those who know how to play the part, are one-of-a-kind destinations. So get ready to dress to impress, because below are the top high-end clubs in the world where the rich, beautiful, and famous party hard – and bottle service is always de rigueur. 

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    Club Silencio


    Club Silencio - Club in Paris.

    142 Rue Montmartre
    75002 Paris

    01 40 13 12 32

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    Club / Lounge

    Provocateur - Club | Lounge in New York.
    New York

    18 9th Avenue
    New York, NY 10014


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    The Cuckoo Club

    Club / Restaurant

    The Cuckoo Club - Club | Restaurant in London.

    Swallow Street
    London W1B 4EZ

    020 7287 4300

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    AV Nightclub

    Club / Lounge

    AV Nightclub - Club | Lounge in Los Angeles.
    Los Angeles

    1601 North Cahuenga Boulevard
    Hollywood, CA 90028


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    P1 - Club in Munich.

    Prinzregentenstrasse 1
    80538 Munich

    089 2111140

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    Club / Lounge

    Proof - Club | Lounge in Chicago.

    1045 North Rush Street
    Chicago, IL 60611


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User Comments

Anonymous Jul 30, 2012
What about the nightclubs in Ibiza? Ushuaia had a 40 euro cover charge and then one beer was 16 euros. Or Queens Club in Paris - I payed 30 euro for a vodka redbull!
Anonymous Jul 30, 2012
If you want to talk exclusive, check out Maddox in Picadilly, London. It's a private, members-only club reserved for the rich and beautiful. Entering Maddox is like walking into an episode of Gossip Girl- totally glam and amazing! They even have a female DJ who looks like a model and rocks diamond-studded headphones.
Sara G. Jul 26, 2012
I haven't been to Paris since Silencio opened. I agree, it looks AMAZING. Pink Elephant in New York is probably worthy of being on this list right now, too.
Anonymous Jul 26, 2012
Can't wait to get to Paris and check out Silencio. David Lynch is a genius. Le Baron isn't exactly easy to get into either - but well worth the wait.
Nisha S. Jul 26, 2012
I've heard the Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel in New York is pretty exclusive too.
Anonymous Jul 26, 2012
Loved Provocateur! Headed to London soon so The Cuckoo Club is next on my list.

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