Five O’Clock Somewhere: Best American Happy Hour Hoods


	Chelsea/Flatiron Neighborhood in New York

Chelsea/Flatiron Neighborhood in New York

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Feb 27, 2013 —  If work were a non-stop funfest, cubicles would come with a pullout bed and a nightlight so that we’d never have to leave the office. But the only thing about work that feels like home is last night’s leftover dinner that you brought for lunch. Instead of loving every second of the workday, you eagerly count down the minutes and fill in the hours – sometimes in creative ways – until that five o’clock whistle blows.

Five o’clock means more than your freedom, though people. More importantly, it means food and drink deals at your favorite bars in your favorite neighborhoods. There’s truly no better way to reward yourselves for a hard day of work – or pretending to work – than ordering some cheap pitchers of beer and other wallet friendly nightly specials.   

Areas like Lincoln Park in Chicago or Culver City in Los Angeles are home to countless bars that offer trivia nights and loads of deals on mouthwatering wings, sliders, and mozzarella sticks for nine to five warriors. It’ll help to have food in your stomach to soak up discounted specialty cocktails that you normally wouldn’t buy at full price.

So, it’s time to close out of that Excel spreadsheet – or whatever you’re pretending to work on – and let the visions in your head of pitchers, wings, and buzz-inducing bargains take over. Make a list of happy hour watering holes you want to hit once work’s done. Soon enough, the clock will strike five and you’ll be on your way to a happy ‘hood full of friends, food, and booze! 

  • Capitol Hill

    Washington, DC

    Capitol Hill, Washington, DC.
  • Lincoln Park


    Lincoln Park, Chicago.
  • Culver City

    Los Angeles

    Culver City, Los Angeles.
  • Downtown / Financial District


    Downtown / Financial District, Boston.
  • Chelsea / Flatiron

    New York

    Chelsea / Flatiron, New York.
  • Downtown / Financial District

    San Francisco

    Downtown / Financial District, San Francisco.

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