Party Earth + Diabolo = Refreshment Redefined

Party Earth + Diabolo = Refreshment Redefined

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Aug 2, 2013 —  At Party Earth, we understand that a person’s mood is in constant flux. That’s why we created four unique characters – Lucas, Adriana, Jonah, and Emma – to reflect the ebb and flow of our users’ whims.

As far as drinks go, Diabolo has a flavor for every disposition. The sparkling refreshment offers a bevy of refreshing tastes that are perfect for a night on the town, a day on the beach, or a stroll through a park. There’s a Diabolo for everyone – including Party Earth’s four characters – for any situation.

Below are all the Diabolo drinks and the Party Earth characters who love drinking them. Additionally, we’ve provided some tips on mixing Diabolo with alcohol to create a tasty treat. After all, who doesn’t like a good mixed drink?


P.E. Characters: Jonah

Good for: This fresh mix of lemon and mint is the perfect refreshing drink on a warm summer day. It’s great for sitting on a park bench while reading through a classic novel. Its crisp taste goes down easy and helps quench anyone’s thirst.

Alcohol mix: Menthe and gin are soulmates. Think of the blend as a high-class version of a gin and tonic. In no time, your Diabolo-inspired concoction will raise your social status.

Blueberry Lemonade

P.E. Characters: Emma

Good for: Emma loves her lemonade – especially Diabolo’s sweet take on the classic drink. Blueberry Lemonade is perfect for a picnic at a beloved green area like New York City’s Central Park. There’s something pure about washing down a packed lunch with a cool lemonade.

Alcohol mix: Blueberry Lemonade and Soju are a match made in heaven. The sweet, vodka-like Soju enhances the zesty lemonade flavor, creating a drink that goes down easy but packs a powerful punch.

Mint Lemonade

Characters: Lucas, Emma

Good For: Mint Lemonade is Diabolo’s American spin on a traditional French menthe drink. It’s great for an outdoor concert, in between playing a sport at a public park, or simply taking a ride on the subway.

Alcohol mix: We haven’t mentioned tequila yet, and here’s the reason: it goes perfectly with Mint Lemonade. Think of it as a gender-neutral skinny margarita (Diabolo drinks are incredibly low on calories).

Dragon Fruit Plumb

P.E. Characters: Adriana

Good for: Swanky situations. Dragon Fruit Plumb boasts an air of mystery and exoticism, so why not drink it at a classy, sunset rooftop party overlooking a serene skyline? After all, strawberry-pear (one of the drink’s ingredients) only blooms at night.

Alcohol mix: Dragon Fruit Plumb needs an alcohol to match its class. What better than champagne? Think of the mix as a step up from your average mimosa. Imagine the possibilities. They almost seem endless!

Acai Berry Guava – LOCO

Characters: Emma, Adriana

Good for: A caffeine boost at lunch. Acai Berry Guava offers a sweet taste with a kick. It’s great for a midday pick-me-up whether you’re in the office or in the middle of an awesome bus tour in a brand new city. It’s not your average energy drink.

Alcohol mix: Acai Berry Guava and vodka is the kind of combination that gets you going at a pregame. It helps you catch a nice buzz while awakening your senses, allowing you to be the life of the party at a hip bar or exclusive nightclub.

Refreshing Mint – LOCO

Characters: Lucas, Jonah

Good for: Late-night studying or for designated drivers looking for a good caffeine buzz to keep up with their crazy drunk friends. It’s also good to have a little bit of Refreshing Mint before a dance party when you need endless energy.

Alcohol mix: A Long Island Refreshing Mint Tea. Sound dangerous? It’s not, but the black color of the can could give you an indication of where your night is headed if you mix in triple sec, light rum, gin, and vodka. Hint: Blackout City.

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